OxyElite Pro taken off shelves - death and liver failure

  1. OxyElite Pro taken off shelves - death and liver failure


  2. I thought it was a joke at first.

    Jack3d heart attack death and now this? USP have got to start testing more surely

  3. Should I out my bottle up on eBay for a high price?!
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  4. Wow! I wonder which version this is, as they've released two new versions this year. Dang, I think the FDA is going to keep a closer eye over USPLabs moving forward

  5. I think there were mixed signals on whether this was a hoax.

    Supposedly USP does not ship to Hawaii and they may have gotten a counterfeit product.

    Again, I am not a rep, not a user, just a reader.

    FDA is a bit like the FAA at the Chicago Airports (O'hare and Midway), someone as much as sneezes on the run way and entire airport is shutdown for operations!

  6. FDA sees supplement companies as a loophole to their licensing program of real meds. They love to jump on this stuff and shut places down that cant afford to pay the legal fees (move to the UK, you wont get this sh*t!)

    My expectation is its a counterfeit duff product thats posing as the real deal... or the FDA planted it in order to shut down USPlabs and make supplements get a bad rep, just like governments do to get an end goal - make the problem, solve the problem, look like heros.

  7. I have the upc number of the affective bottles if you want them. Let me know can post them


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