Yd862's weight loss/ lifestyle change journey

  1. Yd862's weight loss/ lifestyle change journey

    Hey everyone, I've been looking through the threads on this forum for the past week now and I feel that although they all offer great advice I would really like to have some help specifically for me. Some of my stats (let me know if I need anything else):

    Age: 27
    Height: 5"10
    Weight: 326

    I have been attempting to lose weight and keep it off for years now, my problem has always been the yoyo effect. The diet that I had been on for awhile was the atkins. Although it can work, it is incredibly hard to stay on especially if you ever plan on going out to eat anywhere. If I would ruin this diet I would always end up giving up for a few weeks then going back on.

    I am now on a new calorie counting diet where I am using myfitnesspal to document everything I eat and it has been going pretty good so far (I have been doing this for about a month). I have also been regularly going to the gym 4-5 days a week and doing 30 minutes of cardio on an elliptical (roughly about 430-470 calories per workout).

    I truly want to make a real change in my life so I'm not only at a good size weight but I am also healthy. My questions as of now are the following:

    I have been doing cardio but would also like to start adding toning to my workouts, can you suggest things for me to do that wouldn't be too hard at first but I could build on? Really any gym related advice is truly appreciated because I feel that I'm just walking in blindly.

    I keep seeing people using stacks to aid them in weight loss and work outs, they seem interesting. Could you recommend some things I can try that would aid me in my weight loss? I won't try anything that could potentially affect my sex drive or anything unhealthy like that though.

    I will update this log at least weekly but may update more than that. I am incredibly serious this time and feel that I am ready to do this for myself so I can become a better me! Thank you for taking the time to read this.

  2. Congrats on taking this journey man! I'll be following along for sure. For the gym I would recommend picking a proven workout plan and following that. There are lots of food ones out there, find one that fits you're needs. And with high bf% you won't need any burning supps at first as the calorie deficit and workouts will have the fat melting off of you at first. Looking forward to following along and don't be afraid to ask questions!
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  3. Thanks nicksox15, I'll definitely do some research on that then! I appreciate the support.

  4. Getting ready to hit the gym, this is the third time this week and I plan on going tomorrow also. I haven't gone overboard on eating either so everything seems to be going well.

  5. Skip any type of fat burners for now, you can add them later as you lean out. Keep at it.. A clean diet is 80% of journey. The biggest advice I could give you is keep up the cardio but hit the weights hard. The more muscle you build, (or at least maintain), the better chance you have to keep weight off. The weight scale aspect might seem slower with weight training, but the mirror and fitting of clothes will be a guide. I have a buddy going through the same thing at about same weight, and he finally started to follow my advice and he is seeing results. Good luck to you.. Keep any questions coming, there is a lot of smart guys on here..

  6. As far as weight training program look into something like push/pull/legs.. You can google it and find a few different templates..

  7. there are actually some very good reasons to be using a fat burning stack. for one, there have been recent studies showing a positive net effect in people using synephrine with no bad side effects after long term use. knowing what we know today, it might not be a bad idea to be consistent in the supplementation dept.
    I actually think you would be very much effected by the use of an AI as well. this will thwart any of estrogens bad side effects in the body.
    so cliffs..
    Diet first!!! keep hitting the my fitness pal daily!!!
    fatburner stack (either) dexaprine or alphamine combined with 125mgs of Foskolin 95
    AI (estrogen control) erase/ erase pro as directed used for 30 days on and take 30 days off, repeat.
    excersise with resistance weights more than you do cardio.. youtube has millions of work out videos so its a great place to start learning how to lift!
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