Keto Rash: Causes, remedies, and experiences

  1. Keto Rash: Causes, remedies, and experiences

    So I've never been able to find a clear-cut answer as to what causes this reaction, but I usually get it pretty bad on my back and stomach after about 7-10 days in ketosis. I've been eating less than 20grams of carbs the past week and it flared up pretty bad today. Any thoughts on how to deal with it / accelerate its clearance would be appreciated. Thanks!

  2. try cyclic keto.. eat a normal carb intake for 2 days then low carb for 5 days. see if any thing changes.. also I use a lot of iForces mint fish oil during CKDs
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  3. Yeah I may switch to CKD after a month or so.. I want my body to become fully adapted before I throw it a curve ball. I also intake about 3-4g of cOmbined epa and dha plus orange triad. Usually the rash will go away eventually but it's annoying haha

  4. Is your protein intake while on keto high when compared to your non keto protein intake?
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  5. I usually keep it high the first 3-5 days as I transition then drop it down to about 130-150g after that. So I'd say it's probably a little lower than my non-keto intake



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