Random questions

  1. Random questions

    Hey guys long time reader first time poster.
    I have some questions about the whole cutting process.
    Some back ground information - I'm around 200 pounds I'm wanting to loss weight for summer just usual. I train 4-5 days week. I'm eating around 2300 cals a day but now to the questions.
    1. Should I add extra cals for the ones I lose when I work out?
    2. Should my training stay the same or should I relax it abit for the time I am dieting.
    3. Should I be doing cardio more than twice a week?
    Thanks for reading and hope you can answer

  2. You want to be at a caloric deficit when cutting so it is this:

    Caloric intake - Caloric expenditure should be negative, thus you either have to increase the amount of expenditure (exercise and cardio) or decrease the amount of calories you eat.

    You want to calculate your TDEE and sit at a caloric deficit of at least a few hundred calories from your maintenance. A stimulant might help you burn a little bit easier like Dexaprine XR combined with Ephedrine would be very beneficial.

  3. what does your weight normally do at 2300k cal?
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

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