Well I've been a long time lurker, and figured it was time to introduce myself and ask questions. My names Ray. I began at about 350 pounds, smoking, drinking and using drugs. After losing my brother I had been in a deep depression and seemingly given up.

Eventually I found the motivation around April of last year, and got as low as 186 before having a panniculectomy and bilateral subcutaneous mastectomy to remove loose hanging skin. I then slowly bulked once back in the gym to get my strength and over all recovery back up to par. I am now sitting at about 200 even, and figure it's time to lose these love handles.

So as for my question:
What is the best way to transition into a cut? I don't want to wreck my metabolism like I did last time, but I'd really like to hit about 180 by my birthday January 20th.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.