Dexaprine XR 1st time

  1. Dexaprine XR 1st time

    Just got my first bottle of DXR in the mail. Took 1 dose with lunch. Intense is all I have to say. Getting ready to hit the gym @ 5pm. Feeling like I can do anything. Buzzzzz

    Current weight 230#
    Bf 25%

    Lets see where this goes.

  2. :-) Love to hear that!

    Keep us up to date how it goes
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  3. I know exactly were this is going.. buckle up bishes this gun be fun!

    go easy till you find your tolerance and or increase it.
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  4. Yeah. I was a beast in the gym last night and my finishing cardio was easier than usual but I kept an eye on my heart rate (170 max).

    Started this morning off with just 1/2 a tab. My head didn't feel like it was going to explode. Gonna take the other half with lunch. Figured I would run that for a week or two then up to a full tab in the morning.

    It must be burning something out of me cuz I had gas like none other. Lol

    Weekly weigh on will be Monday mornings. Keep it posted.

  5. thanx! let me know if you have any questions.
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  6. My neighbor hooked me up with a stationary bike tonight. Gonna start the mornings off with some cardio.

  7. DexaprineXR is awesome! Do work!

  8. So I have been fighting gout since I was like 18 yrs old. The dex XR seems to be causing a flare up or at least it's making my joints ache. I need to get this inflammation shut down so I can keep taking the dex. Any suggestions????

    I don't want to start double dosing NSAIDs but I've been doing krill oil 2x a day with 1200 fish oil and coQ10 before bed. Thinking about throwing some tumeric in also to get claimed down.

    Anyone have some input? I'm thinking its due to the stims?
  9. 9/21/13 Saturday Morning

    So this is what i took before bed for joint pain

    2-1200mg fish oils
    1-Tumeric concentrate

    felt fine this morning. i took another 1/2 tab of DXR and hit the road for a run (apprx 2mi.) Cardio felt great, it felt like i was 20lbs lighter, my stride was longer, my breathes were deeper; the whole run just felt easier than usual. Plus it was like 60 degrees out this morning which made the run really enjoyable compared to mornings when its 90 degrees and humid (fml morning)

    So far im digging the DXR; my concentration at work has been excellent, my appetite has been controlled ( portion control is easier ), and splitting the tab into 2 servings isnt affecting my sleep at all, and the euphoria claim i will say that yes i seem to be in an all around better mood.

    time for breakfast
    1 banana
    1 hand full of low sodium peanuts
    1 serving of old fashioned oats
    1/2 serving of natural peanut butter (chunky) mixed with the oats
    2 servings of egg beaters

  10. Lunch yesterday was a 6" double turkey meat, provolone, pickles, lettuce, and yellow chips
    Lunch took place after a 1.5 hr chest and bicep session @ the gym. I owned the weights yesterday....session was A+.

    Dinner was a serving of brown rice, a good portion of chicken, and a serving of hummus.

    After dinner we went to a night parade in the town we live by sooooo the diet we off track a little
    I ate chicken sandwich loaded with sauteed peppers and onions, and a strawberry shake up ( if you don't know-its a home made lemonade with strawberries ) I had them make the shake up with half the sugar they normally put in it. Late night snake was a bowl of cheerios with a chopped banana and whole milk ( shared with my 2 yr old)

    So this morning
    A 2 mile cardio session - the road i took this morning had more changes in grade than the road I took yesterday. I havent measured the length of the road yet but it seems to be a bit shorter than the one i took yesterday.

    I took 1/2 a DXR tab prior to the cardio, and it didnt disappoint. Same as yesterday.....I'm being rebuilt better, stronger, and faster than before.

    Breakfast is typical of yestrday w/o the extra banana and handful of nuts.

    1/2 cup of old fashioned oats
    1/2 serving of natural peanut butter
    1/2 cup of egg beaters

  11. what is it I heard... black cherry juice?? something like that, is supposed to work but its kinda hard to find.
    you may want to try some fish oil and joint help..
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  12. Tart cherry concentrate caps work.....but they are hard to find. I think the tumeric is working on the inflammation. It all has to do with the Ph/Acid balance in my body. I have heard that strawberries are supposed to be better than reg. cherries too. But i dont want to eat a crate of strawberries everyday.

    Lunch was:

    Turkey sandwich on low carb wheat pita bread w/natural cheese
    1/2 cup of 2% cottage cheese.
    1/2 cap DXR

  13. Down 3lbs

    Weigh in : 227lbs

    Breakfast was typical

    Lunch will be
    1/2 cup brown rice
    1/2 chicken breast grilled
    1/2 cup egg beaters

  14. You can definitely add some Joint Help to your Dexaprine XR and it should help a lot.

  15. im not sure you will be able to effect the PH balance from supplements. I think there are other actions at play from stuff like tart cherry and the likes. not sayin I know anything about gout, but the whole dietary PH balance thing seems to be based on very old outdated science. what would alan aragon say?? lulz
    at any rate I hope you do find something that helps the situation.
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  16. Just ordered Joint Help.

    The narrative on this supp looks good.

  17. Quote Originally Posted by grippo1986 View Post
    Just ordered Joint Help.

    The narrative on this supp looks good.
    Joint help or bulk cissus would be more effective than what you are currently using.
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative
    X-gels for strength, Focus XT for mental performance & Joint Support XT for pain free mobility

  18. Had to take a business trip for three days. Diet went to **** having to eat out for every meal.

    Back on track today. Hit the gym after work and shredddded shoulders.

    Joint help came in the mail so started to stack at lunch with DXR.

    Figured I would start the morning with joint help and b fast then follow up an hr after bfast with the DXR.

    Doing a 5k tomorrow for breast cancer support. Gotta save the tatas.

  19. So the past two weeks have been fubar. Diet is getting back on track.

    I have cut out my morning oat meal.

    Starting the morning with a protein shake and 1/2 cup of egg beaters. Lunch is still rice and chicken with green peppers.

    Trying to clean dinner up. Chicken or steak with beans or broccoli.

    1 tblsp nat pb at night.

    Weigh in was a disappointment this week. But I ate steak and shake on Saturday and the sodium content I believe made me hold onto some water on Monday weigh in.

    This Monday was 230#. Up 3# from last week.

    Joint help is amazing. I am going to continue taking this support on a reg basis.

  20. can anyone tell me how effective dexaprine xr is in suppressing your appetite? thats what im really looking for, something strong to really stop me from feeling hungry

  21. for me the alpha yohimb puts mine on arrest. It does that in every product that has it.. OeP / Dex/ Alphamine / ect...
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