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    I wanted to make a post about how you got shredded (6-10% Body Fat). Please elaborate on the method you used to get you there like diet, training and the supplements, if any, that made a difference. It's ok to list "PH's" and if you we're "geared" up.

    If possible, include before and after pictures and the length of time it took you to achieve those results.

  2. I droped 50+ pounds to reach 10% using the body opus diet and training set up. used a lot of various supplements and it took about 22 weeks.

    fish oil
    slin sane v1 &2
    various protein powders
    joint help
    glucosa creme
    Vicious Labs
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  3. I usually cut out most carbs and do a lot of stair stepping. Not the best or most effective method, but works for me I guess
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  4. I've been sub 8% for most of my life actually, as a boxer for 6 years eating 5k+ calories a day the entire time, and spending upwards of 4 hours in the gym 7 days a week. When I quit boxing I went on a long time bulk, so my details are mainly for this current cut. I put on over 90 pounds of mass (intentionally) over a 4 year period. When I hit my goal weight of 250 I started cutting and here is what I did.

    250 @ 19% BF to 220 @ 9% BF

    Cutting @ 3400 calories with 40% allotment for protein and the rest from whatever


    Chest + Triceps + Biceps
    Back + Shoulders + Traps
    Legs + Abs
    1 day of cardio max effort HIIT hill sprints

    I guess I probably did an unintentional carb cycle during most of this, but it really was unintentional. I would occasionally eat less almonds/fish and eat corn or potatoes or something. I didn't keep exact intake stats, but I am good at guesstimating my caloric intake and deciphering where they come from predominantly.


    Ephedrine (went from 24mg per day to 72mg per day) + Caffeine + Yohimbine in the form of Dexaprine XR.
    Pre-workouts varied, but because of the large amount of E + C + Y I usually do/did non-stim Hemavol/Compete combo.

    Fish Oil, Multi-vitamin, and copious amounts of Isotean.

    My current avatar is of me a few weeks ago @ 224, I'm 221 right now and have not lost an iota of strength (hit my previous PR on DL three days ago same weight I got at 250). I think the key was that I cut very slowly understanding that it is not a sprint but a marathon. I will soon start bulking again (leaner this time) when I reach my desired BF.

  5. Genetics haha

  6. My approach to cutting down for a contest delt with slowly adding things in as I felt my progress started to become staggnent.

    Throughout my whole prep I had Conquer, Hemavol, and Compete.

    I started with keeping my diet strict and carb cycled with 2 low days and 2 high days.

    MY training style stayed the same all the way through as I personally feel that strength loss for a contest should be very minimal if at all, so I kept with my same lifting routine all the way through prep.

    As I felt things start to slow down I added in Dexaprine XR and kept my nutrition the same.

    I then would add in cardio, then fluctuate with nutrition again, and 1 week out I started to cut out the stuff that was "extra" but kept Dexaprine in.

    Used a heavy dose of fish oils and CLA, along with a LOT of BCAA's throughout the whole day, unflavored with Lemon Juice.
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  7. My "cut" has lasted way longer than it should have. I put cut in quotes because the first couple months I told myself I was cutting but it was more maintenance than anything. After that I of course saw no results so I made sure I fixed my diet first and really started tracking what I was eating. Now I have been slowly adding cardio in over time to make sure I continue to loose wait while keeping calories at a decent level.

  8. Cycled my carbs, hiit cardio 4x a week, tren, win, and var.
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