Well if you've had low T for twenty years along with various other factors I can understand your frustration and yes drugs make a huge difference but no one wants to give credit to the drugs it would take away from their pride and ego. Plus it wouldn't be as impressive to others if they gave steroids, etc that much credit. Why do you think steroid use is ranked as one of the top best kept secrets next to pedophilia. However, as Many have stated its not the only equation. At least you know your gear is good since you are getting it from a doctor. BTW I have known guys who eat like absolute shyt and are on a cocktail of hormones. They remain lean, big and strong even at 35. I'm talking fried chicken, pizza all types of crap so I know the drugs have a remarkable impact. What it takes me to gain in 20 yrs naturally I can gain in a year on steroids give or take