Cutting advice

  1. Cutting advice

    Hey everyone,

    I'm looking to start cutting / dropping weight and wanted everyone thoughts on the best sup out there to help in the process. I was looking at katandrol v3 but the reviews say that it's no where like the original or v2. I've gotten great results with finaflex ripped but you can no longer get that. So, what that being said what is everyone using to help in the cutting process?


  2. What I personally use during contest prep:
    Dexaprine XR
    iForce Mint Infused Fish Oil

    That is the supps that I use during my cut.
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  3. I'm cutting for my show which is in 3 weeks. Only thing I've been recently taking is Dexaprine XR, Isotean, Creatine Mono, Hemavol, and in the a.m I'll drink some black coffee before my cardio.

  4. first, whats your training experience katana is a PH, if your newer i would stay away from that

    as mentioned dexaprine is a good fat burner but your training and nutrition have to be most important

    after a quality fat burner i like to look into things that will help keep muscle....something like compete which will also help on lower cals and carb while working out
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  5. Thanks for the replies. Ive got a good diet and training cycle. Just looking for that extra help. I know katana is a ph and ive cycled a bunch of different ph's over the years. So im not a noob in that aspect. I took a year off from working out and am getting back into again. Marriage will do that. Lol

  6. so will kids..
    since these guys have given you all my favorite options from iForce I will give u a couple non iforce options.

    Redline ultra HC
    OG OeP
    Tight extreme reloaded

    these represent high quality options for fat burners to add to your regimen.

  7. Keep yourself in a caloric deficit and use Ephedrine + Caffeine stack. I personally like Ephedrine + Dexaprine XR. Work your way up to 24 mg Ephedrine and enjoy the fact that it gags you to eat anything. It crushes my appetite for about 2 weeks until I get used to that dose, then I go back to 8mg and cycle back up again.

  8. when I was cutting I took DexaprineXR as well as Hemavol both by iForce along with a caloric deficit diet.

  9. Other fatburners I have tried and are great are Oxyelite pro powder and alphamine

  10. According to me USP labs oxyelite pro is a good supplement for FAT burning. You should try it once.


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