This is what I have, now how do I use it?

  1. This is what I have, now how do I use it?

    Ok I'm 27, I'm about 250lbs. I'm 6 ft tall.

    I've been going to the gym for the last two weeks. I've been doing cardio 5 out of 7 days. A mix of running on the treadmill, to high incline walking, elliptical and bike.

    I have also been incorporating some lifting in between. My goal, like everyone else is to lose weight wast, but keep most of the muscle. I can deal with losing some muscle but not hing too crazy. I work Friday-Tuesday with Wed and Thurs off. I work 10pm-6am.

    Besides my two days off my diet is for the most part on point. During the day ill have a subway or something else that's healthy. My lunch at work consists of either chicken breast or salmon with veggies. Sometimes a 6in subway.

    This is what I have available. I know there are some things I cant use together.

    OxyElite Thermo Powder
    Jack3d Powder
    1 Bottle Versa-1
    1 bottle Agmatine 500
    1 Bottle 1000mg fish oil caps
    2 Tubs of USP Labs protein
    ECA stack

    I usually wake up around 1pm and I usually go to the gym around 6pm.

    Any advice on how I can use the supplements I have to help me out with my goal? Thanks.

  2. I'm sure someone will chime in on the supps you purchased but you mentioned you are doing mostly cardio with weight training in between. I would HIGHLY recommend reversing that and follow a fat loss weight routine - high rep, short rest, circuit style training with maybe some cardio mixed in at the end.

    just my .02
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  3. Ok, first cut down on cardio. It will make you fat if you are not incorporating it correctly into your training routine. And from what you said about your training, it sounds like you need help. So first and foremost I recommend lifting more and cardio less. High reps dont do what you think they will do. IF you want to still gain size and strength then keep weight heavy and reps lower. Next add cardio after HIIT training works best right after lifting.

    Nutrition if done correctly will cut you down w/o the use of all that boring cardio.

    Now before I go farther, are you looking to compete? Because then you will want to "maybe" incorporate long boring cardio.

    know that NO AMOUNT of supplementation will out do a bad diet. So before I really go farther that will be my next thing is what is your nutrition and training?
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  4. Thanks for the replies so far guys.
    @veaderko no I'm not looking to compete. I'm farrrr from even thinking of that. I'm a big guy, but I can lift. On my 2 off days I do eat what I want but still keep it somewhat healthy and watch my portions.

    On my work days I hit the gym and my meals are a mix of high fiber, protein shakes, fruit smoothies, salmon, chicken breast, veggies, eggs and sometimes a steak. My bmi is about 31.

    And from what I've been told I would have to consume 1900 to 2100 calories a week to lose 1-3lbs a week.

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