Albuterol results after 2 weeks

  1. Albuterol results after 2 weeks

    So, I ran Albuterol for 2 weeks. Will do 2 rest and will go again for 2 on.

    I don't really count the first week cause it's most of water retention changing my weight.

    From the beginning I started from 2800 kcal and slowly decreasing by 100, now I'm at 2400.

    Dose: 4mg 3x for first week. 2nd week 5mg x3.

    Stat 21jul: 174lbs - 10%bf
    Stats after 1 week: 170.3lbs (as I said, most of water) - 9.5% bf
    Stats after 2 weeks: 169.6lbs - 9.2% bf

    Not the results I was waiting for, but it might also be cause calories a bit high (I'm just coming back from an Ostarine bulking cycle at 3400kcal).

    Good thing is that this 0.7lbs in a week should be JUST fat, nothing else.

    What do you guys think? I wish to get around 7-8% at the end of this 4 weeks left

  2. Humm IDK what happened.. Yesterday I stopped albuterol and I had a not wanted cheat meal as dinner (200kcal more than what I'm eating now).
    Today after WO, on the hips (where I have more fat) I look a bit more ripped. Now I'm starting to feel happy lol

  3. Those are pretty decent results for someone with very little BF to lose.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by warsteiner View Post
    Those are pretty decent results for someone with very little BF to lose.
    Agree - almost 1% in three week when starting at 10% is pretty impressive.

  5. my goal is to get below 8% in the weeks left

  6. Whats the cardio plan and macros?
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  7. No cardio. Never did cardio.

    Protein during albuterol 0.82g/lb+20% fats at least 80g. Then I just fill macros.
    Same for "off" but without the +20% of proteins


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