Is my training / diet on point?

  1. Is my training / diet on point?

    Hey guys, trying a new workout / macro intake & wondering if it's a wise strategy or just ridic.


    Monday: Legs, 30min AM, 30min PM
    Tuesday: Chest & Tris, 30min AM, 30min PM
    Wednesday: Sprints & stretch
    Thursday: Back & Bis 30min AM, 30min PM
    Friday: Shoulders & Abs 30min AM, 30min PM
    Saturday: An easy steady-state cardio run
    Sunday: rest


    On most days my macros are 50% protein, 35-40% fats, 10-15% carbs. Super low carbs. Taking in nuts and MCTS. Feel great. No light-headedness, no bloat.

    I'm thinking for carb / glycogen replenishment, I should refeed twice a week, lower the fats and increase the carbs. Would the best day to do this be on cardio days?

  2. nope, its all off. ill list a few to start

    1. why train 2-a-days? are you super strapped for time?
    2. protein intake way too high. assuming youre on a 3k calorie diet, that would be roughly 35-400g protein. you dont need anything close to that number
    -for a 2k calorie diet, that would still be 250g protein a day. at your size, thats still ridiculously high
    3. your upper-lower ratio is 3:1. so you train upper body 3x more than your legs = postural issues later down the line
    3.5. im guessin you dont balance your lower body with posterior and anterior work either. unless youre squating and deadlifting in the same day, you have another muscle imbalance coming

    now going by your profile, 155lbs for any guy is pretty light. i dont think you should be focusing on losing weight unless youre just terribly skinny-fat

    not tryin to bash your or insult or anything. just letting you know a few things that are off. unless you have special circumstances or somthin

  3. Aggreed and I've always been told that the legs are a must to release maximum GH to induce muscle growth

  4. Thanks for the feedback guys. Leg days are pretty intense, AM squats / deadlifts / leg presses, PM glute ham raise / leg extension / hip thrust / calf raise.

    The other lifting days are usually the bigger muscle group in the AM and the auxiliary muscles in the PM i.e. back and bi's.

    I have to split up the workouts, since I work in construction. Working out a full hour before work would make the rest of the day suck, and by the end of the day, 30 minutes is all I can give before I'm toast.

    So do you think it would be better with 40% protein, 40% fats, 20% carbs?

  5. i think you should focus on getting enough protein and the right amount of calories per day. it seems like youre thinking too hard and over complicating it a little. but if you wanna do that, the new ratios you mentioned would be pretty good for weight loss

    id also suggest looking into tweaking your routine because a shoulder/ab day is kind of pointless. id suggest breaking legs into an anterior day focusing in squats and/or leg press. and then a posterior day + shoulders. so you would focus that day on ohp and deadlift. that way, you wont have to worry about the squats impeding your deadlift or vice versa. theyll have their own days. it would be a lot more balanced this way too

    just from your explanation of the leg day, it seems you have a good grasp on what you should be doing

    if youre interested in proven routines, look into 5/3/1 or 5x5. 5/3/1 strongly resembles what your current routine looks like

  6. I've had great success with a hybrid 5x5 ie actually been looking at te FST7

  7. I actually like the idea of splitting up leg day as suggested - thanks for that! I'll look into the routines mentioned to see how I can change it up next month.

    Appreciate the help fellas, good looking out!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by peezee View Post
    I'll look into the routines mentioned to see how I can change it up next month.

    Appreciate the help fellas, good looking out!
    dont think of what to do next month. think of what to do the next year..... or 2. a 5x5 program or 5/3/1 can be run for that long or longer and get results the whole time.
    you can call me "ozzie" for short.


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