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    Im trying to build a cycle based around Tren A 100, but need suggestions on what i should take with it to drop some extra weight.. its been a few years since my last injectable cycle, and about a year since my last oral cycle. My last cycle consisted of SARMS, CLEN, a few burners, and lots of different MRP's, and anadrol off of cycle. My last injectable was in 2008-2009, and i took test propionate and some cheap creatine from gnc -__-.. This is around the time i first got serious about lifting, i saw gains in literally everything except my mid-section, but i can probably contribute that to not really knowing what i was doing. So i was hoping somebody would have some type of advise on where i should start at this round so i get it right this time around.

    also i was told that me being an asthmatic could also play a major factor on what i should and shouldnt take. So if anyone has any input, feel free to give.


    Diet:Lots of water, no red meat or pork, brown and jasmine rice, eggs(mostly whites), and fruits and veggies that are low in sugar and starch.

  2. Here are really ice and most informative article is written by you. I think that if you want to do weight loss then must follow a healthy diet plan and also do some exercise daily. In your diet plan you should take low fat and carbs and in your exercise you should do cycling or swimming. Both are good for this purpose.

  3. Dbol and analyze is a excellent pattern, I would say run analyze on its own new circular or even dbol on its own to see how you get on.

    With the pattern you published, you could do it like this:
    Week 1-4/6 dbol 40mg/day
    Week 1-12 analyze e 500-600mg/week
    Wait 2 several weeks after last jab and then run pct.

    With analyze e you don't have to divided the amount, you can just jab 500-600mg in one go for a once per several weeks time jab.
    Make sure you have an AI on side for any gyno problems during the pattern.
    Also create sure you study up on pct, I have not published up about pct as I am not too guarantee about it, but other associates can help you on that.
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  4. If you have the TrenA run minimum 500 per week with of course base test any over the counter will help --
    I've lost plenty on just the tren-test added Anavar and WOW!

  5. I think you are on the right track bro. You picked some quality products and I think it's a good start. What do you think about adding some ErasePro to yor cycle?



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