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Nothing like being told you're overweight by a fat doctor. That said, I never bothered with anything but a mirror (and not for the expensive cocaine diet). All the charts and graphs I've seen are for an "average" person, which excludes many on this forum because we exercise, which is anything but "average." They also do not incorporate a differentiation between lean mass vs adipose mass. I've asked doctors why they check my body weight and not my body fat % and I have yet to hear an answer besides crickets or stuttering some jibberish and avoidance of the question. In short, my experiences with doctors (and certainly there are ones out there who understand things) can be summed up as just a guy with an opinion and an RX pad.
Luckily, in my profession, weight is important, but bf% is of higher importance. I'm considered overweight, but I fall well within the acceptable bf% range.