My 1 Year Transformation

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  1. My 1 Year Transformation

    Ok, I've been reading a lot on this site with some great stories and information. Somewhat addicted. I began my weight loss journey in January 2012 after gaining massive weight after high school. I am currently 32 years old and weigh 184 pounds at 6'. When I started I weighed 240 lbs of pure fat with a little muscle left underneath. Started with p90x and finished that losing a ton of weight (38 pounds in 3 months). But I wasn't happy because I didn't have much muscle definition and started to do research. I determined that I probably wasn't eating enough calories and lost a bunch of muscle along with fat. So I started eating a little more and focusing on macronutrient ratio. Currently doing close to 40/40/20 p/c/f but it varies day to day as I try to stay lower carb on rest days and higher on weight days. Eat lean protein along with protein shakes in between meals, fibrous carbs, a few complex carbs (oatmeal, brown rice, etc...) and healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, etc.. After p90x I completed the Insanity but didn't like it too much as it had no weights. Now I lift weights three times a week (followed by low intensity cardio) and do springing intervals 2 twice a week.

    What I can't decide is if I should stop losing weight and began adding muscle or try to shift to slow recomposition? Still have a little stubborn fat on lower and and back but this seems to not want to go anywhere!!!

    Below are before and after pics from 1 year of getting it together!!


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    After (1 year)

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  2. Lookin' good!

  3. That's motivation for anyone here. Congrats!

    I vote to pack on muscle..
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  4. wow p90x succes story at its best. i vote go for the recomp. that way you get to enjoy the hard earned abs for awhile instead of losing them after so much hard work during a mean bulk

  5. Thats awesome man !! Good Job !
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  6. Great job man! Very inspiring.
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  7. Thanks everyone.

    Actually the p90x just kick started the weight loss but the most changes came from lifting weights plus after cardio and sprinting intervals. That's when the muscle definition started showing...

    Diet has been fairly clean thought just changed amount of calories in vs out, etc..
  8. Re: My 1 Year Transformation

    Bossome work there. Definitely a motivational success story. Not the p90x. Just your willingness to take control of your life.

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  9. Great transformation! Your hard work paid off fo sho!

  10. Very nice job OP!
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  11. Speechless!

  12. Amazing!!

  13. fair play to you man. Excellent progress

  14. Very inspiring, I started at 305lbs 1.5 years ago now down to 218lbs I think I need a round of P90X

  15. Amazing transformation! Inspirational stuff great job man!

  16. Very impressive - this is dedication! Time to add some muscle!

  17. Awesome bro. You have the initative and drive to do wonderful things...keep it up!
    You certainly can serve as motivation to others who are looking to do teh same thing as you and don't know how to start.
    After a year off, I'm back

  18. Congratz man! Looking solid! Did you utilize anything in the process aside from basic supplements?
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  19. When I first stated I used oxy elite pro but stopped taking that after a couple of months. Now I use whey protein shake, multivitamin, fish oil, and fiber. Also take yohimbine in morning.

    Been thinking about trying alphamine to get ride of the last remaining back fat / lower abs.

  20. Great job man

  21. Woah!!!! Amazing! I am motivated!!
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  22. Wow definitely incredible! I too vote to pack on some more muscle, and then get shredded!

  23. That is outstanding man, truly motivational! Thank You for sharing this. Also I agree with som others, pack on muscle and keep the sexy beast growing!!!

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  24. Outstanding job!

    I'd keep doing what you are doing now, especially if you feel good! How many calories a day are you taking in?

  25. I try to take in 2200 calories on average for the week Of course, some days I will take it real low (like 1200) and some days (on cheat days) I will have 4000 - 5000. I look at it weekly a adjust accordingly as long a I have enough calorie deficiency at the end of the week to lose 1 to 1.5 lbs per week.

  26. Also forgot. This was all done with dumbbells, door way pull up bar, and treadmill in garage. I wish I had a gym anywhere close to me but I don't so have to make do. Saving up to get a bench and barbell.

  27. Quote Originally Posted by Lukedavis View Post
    Also forgot. This was all done with dumbbells, door way pull up bar, and treadmill in garage. I wish I had a gym anywhere close to me but I don't so have to make do. Saving up to get a bench and barbell.
    Thats awesomer that you did that with just your "home gym" kudos to you bro!!
    After a year off, I'm back
  28. My 1 Year Transformation

    Wow, insane job dude! This is pure motivation for me. I'm down about 30lbs from what I was back in may or June.

    Been sick this last week which has completely kept me out of the gym but I Cant wait to get back at it.
  29. My 1 Year Transformation

    Great job!

  30. Nice job!

  31. oooooooo great man

  32. awesome job man! I'm coming up to the 6 month mark - starting point was similar to you but 5'9 and about 10 lb lighter. down almost 40lb now but you have put givin me some huge motivation to finish it off!

    If my results are even CLOSE to yours at all I will be extremely pleased.

    Thanks for this man!

  33. god damn!! well done! thats amazing!! don't stop .. keep pushing!!

  34. Very impressed myself! I am working with someone right now who joined me last week, his goal is 125 lbs this year. He is a large man at 20 years old, and tired of it. It will be a very hard journey for him, because he will have to change his life completely. I will use your story in more motivation for him, thanks for the post!

  35. Amazing! I vote to add muscle. you're already very lean, most people would be very jealous of your condition so add some pounds to that frame!!
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  36. Awesome progress mate good work!!!


  38. Incredible man!!!!!! This is the kind of stuff that should keep people on track. Your a real beast bro.
    Hustle harder

  39. Great Job!!!

    Don't worry about that little bit of stuborn lower back fat. Start putting on some nice muscle mass. Id go with a nice lean bulk.
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