Carb Backloading

  1. Carb Backloading

    Well hello,

    I've been a low carb advocate for quite a while now, but recently with IF I have kinda started trying some carb backloading, but would like to get some input on best practices and so on and so forth.

    I am quite susceptible to carbs, bloat like a mofo. So the Keto ways were always my main ways. Usually had a 50, 40, 10 split (F,P,C), but now doing the leangains I'm going to try to introduce some carbs at my late meal, probably just add a sh!tload of black beans or so really to be honest.


    - So, what is the normal split for this approach?
    - For the meals that are not necessarily carb heavy, do you go fat heavy with some fatty meat cuts or just protein heavy and green veggies?
    - Carbs before workout as well or just for the last meal (taking in consideration my eating pattern is: 1PM, 4PM, 7PM)
    - How many carbs for the last meal? I'm assuming I'm going to leave the fat out of that particular meal

    All input is much appreciated, also any books or references are welcome too.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  2. Carb backloading recommends simple sugars for Carb sources IIRC.

  3. Hum, interesting. Any valuable literature? Thus far I've only found bro-science websites and the comments kinda go all over the place.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  4. Quote Originally Posted by bla55 View Post
    Hum, interesting. Any valuable literature? Thus far I've only found bro-science websites and the comments kinda go all over the place.
    You can buy the ebook, it'll have all the answers.

  5. Dangerouslyhardcore. Com

    Keifer also puts out out a CBL ebook
    Always willing to learn :D

  6. Gonna look into purchasing it...

    So, jist I get from it is if you workout, you eat simple carbs, right? Is it fine to eat the carbs and mix in fats and proteins or should I focus on basic carbs?

    And another point, anyone has tried this with DC training? I do the 4 day split so get concerned that it may be a bit too much of carbs on a given week?
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  7. Oh yes, and another question, hows does booze fit in - or doesn't at all - in this diet?
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  8. Slight bump;

    Purchased the book, reading it right now; going through the "start it right now" and reading the important sections, but I still have some random questions that I posed before, maybe I just haven't reached that part yet.

    -Anyone done this with DC training? Reason I ask is because DC is relatively low reps, not sure how much it would utilize the carbs. Although I usually get a great workout out of it, I wonder if it's too low of rep range to be effective with this, specially if I'm doing the 4day split.
    -How does booze fit in this diet? I haven't had a sip in 40 days now, trying to really lose that last bit of fat, but I do enjoy being able to drink once a week and whatnot.

    All help appreciated, and back to the book.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  9. DC may be low reps, but it is high intensity, which still creates a solid amount of nutrient repartitioning and glycogen usage.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  10. Awesome, just what I wanted to hear. Looking forward to it, up to page 92 already, great read.

    So from what I understand as well, we would be looking to steer away as much as possible from high intensity cardio in the morning, right? Go for as low intensity as possible to not trigger the insulin spike? Or no cardio at all I guess?
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  11. I keep reading and more questions keep popping when I try to shift my thoughts from leangains to this...

    So he talks about BCAA and how Leucine has some insulin spike; but on leangains they talk about taking BCAAs before fasted cardio to spare muscle... soooo... Should I be taking BCAAs in the morning or no? Confused as hell right now.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  12. Well, damn, guess not quite. From the book:
    Mike Mentzer’s Heavy Duty training or variant thereof like Dorian
    Yate’s Blood-and-Guts style of training, Dog Crap or any eccentricbased
    resistance program fails to translocate tGLUT. Muscular
    contractions—concentric movement—causes tGLUT translocation2.
    Heavy Duty training, therefore, can’t produce the critical effect
    necessary to make Carb Back-Loading work as advertised3.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  13. Hi,

    Leet me see if I can help you a little...

    The carb backload only helps in those training where you expend a lot of glucose store in form of glucogen in the muscle mass. If you already notice you have a bad response to glucose, may be you should avoid it or use metformine, a diabetic's drug that helps with the cell sensibilization to insuline, and therefore, to the glucose storing.

    If you decid to give it a try to carbloads, you may want to use only glucose, and avoid fructose or other mixture (sugar table, honey and fruits are almost half glucose and half fructose). The best sources of glucose are the starches, like in the potatoes, the bread, pasta, etc. Just try not to include to much fat (adding cheese, butter, bacon or some others dirty stuff).

    The quantitys... This a trial and fail process, but a good guide is to consume, more or less, half a gram per kilogram of carbohydrates just after the training . You can keep it up for an hour and two after you finish your workout. That had proven increase the glucogen store in almost a 40% of normal (again, this is in athletes following a glucogen-depleting workout).

    About the leucine... the proteíns also have a insulin respose, in particular the glucogenic aminoacids as the broad chain ones. This is not a problem if you are loking for ketosis, in fact is a good aid. With the insuline response the blood glucose will be cell-stored, acelereting the ketones production.

    I hope i answer some of your questions, and please, excuse my english, I don't use to write in it :/


  14. Well, I'm trying to figure out if I'm going to go this route or not, but a question in regards to insulin spike;

    I've been going fat / protein only. They mention to eat some carbs, fast acting, after the gym. Malto, etc. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to spike this insulin response, even if I am not consuming carbs; i.e. to eat a little bit of chocolate to spike the insulin and then supplement it with Protein and fat and leave the carb out of it if that's the case where I won't be replenishing the glycogen since I go with DC training.

    Any thoughts?
    Androhard + Andromass Log


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