Fat loss platue

  1. Fat loss platue

    Y body weight was 69.5 kg with 16.8% body fat but now it's 68 with 18.1 % , don't know what this happening , I wana drop to 12% but my weight is going down but not body fat. Inspire of proper workout and diet

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    Are you using a program like fitday.com to track macronutrients and overall cals? If not, do that for a start.
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  3. list your height, weight, age.....use the conversion please

  4. My age is 26, height is 168 cm, I was73.5 kg 2 months back with 22.8@ body fat them it drop to 69 with 16.8 , great result but I 8VEJhgwV8VEJhgwVp
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  5. Does very low fat and low carbs diet can stop body fat loss


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