Macronutrient Ratios

  1. Macronutrient Ratios

    Would like to get some opinions on optimal macronutrient ratios you've found to be successful for bulking and cutting excluding keto/low carb diets. As an ecto-mesomorph I'm leaning towards a 40-40-20 (pro-carb-fat) of 3000 cals as a maintenance level, no lower than 2400 cals for cutting, no higher than 3600 cals for bulking. I'm 6' 205lbs about 12%bodyfat.

  2. Damn, how'd I miss this one?

    Do you know your BMR first of all? If you dont, check the link in my signature to Matt's BMR calculator.

    Personally, for bulking I like a 40/40/20 or sometimes if Im looking to gain quick a 30/40/30. My calories are around 250-300 above maintainence.

    For cutting, I usually do a 50/25/25, or something near that.
    And my calories are usually 250 below maintainence for that day.

  3. echo YJ, them looks good . I find that personally, relatively higher protein ratios seem to work better either way... matt's calculator is an e****lent tool

  4. Hey YJ is the 50 carbs or protein in your cutting?

  5. Thought so just wanted to make sure on it before I start working on my cutter.. I think that what was my main problem in the last go around.. protein was too low.

  6. Great. Thanks for the input. Asked the same question at bb didn't get 1 response yet. My maintenance level is around 3100 cals so I'll start from there.

  7. i have lost almost 80 pounds following a 70/15/15 diet.

  8. does the question pertain to on cycle or off?

  9. Originally posted by nightop
    does the question pertain to on cycle or off?
    Off cycle.

  10. hypercaloric ("bulking") = 50/25/25
    hypocaloric (non-keto, "cutting") = 35/35/30


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