Diet advice - T3/Clen/Benadryl contemplation. -

Diet advice - T3/Clen/Benadryl contemplation.

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    Angry Diet advice - T3/Clen/Benadryl contemplation.

    Ok so heres how it is ... I was in a service for 5 years where I spent 3 of them on a team (Biathlon). Long story short I am now a civvie and have been for over 12 months. During training we ate carbs with carbs on top just to keep going during the day with 10+ hours of training per day, consuming around 4500-600 calories.

    Needless to say I have been out of this routine and have had an intensive rest period for the last year (Booze and too much food)

    Stats: 6'2", waist 36, weight 90-91kg (depending if ive had a s@!t or not)

    My current workout is 40 mins of intensive cardio (12-20kph) treadmill then 20 of various low weights to keep in shape * 5 per week.

    My current daily diet consists of:

    3 cans of tuna,
    1 very small portion of pasta
    2 portions of porridge (Oat so simple) with skimmed milk,
    2 pieces of fruit (banana's mostly)
    1 protein shake (510 cals, 20g protein)
    1 Multivit tab, 1 extra calcium & Vit D tab & 1 Odourless garlic cap
    2-3 Litres of water

    So, here is my question.

    I have been on this diet for 3 weeks and I can NOT shift 1lb, When I was training I wasn't exactly ripped just extremely physically able to do the races I was trained for.

    Now I have a bit of a spare tyre (Tensing I can see my top 2 abs), I have got small man boobs (When tensed are really hard) and love handles. I do have quite a lot of lean muscle mass but it just seems like there is this layer of fat constantly stored on me like my body is going to be absolutely smashed around a 50k course like is was forghtnightly for 3 years almost. I actually cant stand it anymore so I have been doing research into T3, T4 & Clen w/ Benadryl to help shred the unwanted lbs.

    As a first time user I was thinking something along the lines of this:


    Days 1-30 75-100mcg


    Days 1-3: 40mcg
    Days 4-6: 60mcg
    Days 7-8: 80mcg
    Days 9-14: 100mcg
    2 weeks off at this point or add 50mg benadryl every night.
    Days 15-20: 100mcg
    Days 20-24: 80mcg
    Days 25-28: 60mcg
    Days 29-30: 40mcg

    If anyone has ANY good advice I will take it on board. Thanks

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    I'm also an ex squaddie! Was with the queens royal lancers! I had this exact problem! Until I found "grenade - thermo detonators" look them up - no word of a lie with a good diet and exercise I lost 16lb in 5 weeks.. Which I've also maintained worth a try pal!

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