17500 Cals a day?

  1. 17500 Cals a day?

    im 5ft6 155lbs.I plan on cutting.Money is tight so i got a cheap plan down.However i was only able to get 1750cals in a day.is that too low or is it ok for a cut?


  2. ya i was wondering if its too low?

  3. You have an extra zero in there I am assuming..?

  4. lmfao yessssssssssss im sorry i ment 1750 cals! lmao

  5. Well in that case the answer depends on what your maintenance cals are. Don't cut them too fast or you will risk losing too much muscle. Also, make sure you are getting adequate vitamins and minerals in your diet when you are cutting calories.

  6. thanks.this forum is really helpful. i dont have much muscle to lose since i havnt really trained in 6 months! but i was doing it for like 1.5 years before

  7. If that is the case I would probably stay around maintenance cals for a while since the workouts themselves will put you in a deficit and a lot of your gains will be beginner gains and regaining what you lost from before.

  8. well ive been binging lol.i was off for 4 months,came back for 6 weeks,got fired,then was fat for 3 weeks. i dont know how to add cals without adding fats and carbs,for my cut its

    1753 cals
    165 carbs
    30ish fiber
    190g protein

  9. i only clicked this thread because it said 17500cals

  10. Quote Originally Posted by propho View Post
    i only clicked this thread because it said 17500cals
    hahhaha same, I was REALLY intrigued on how someone would pack 17k calories, it would be like a god damn Jay Cutler's diet!
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