Looking for some advice

  1. Looking for some advice

    Ok here is my problem. Around October of last year I put a home gym in my house which has allowed me to avoid missing workouts. I am 6ft3-4 and usually hover around 215 pounds. I have been working out very hard since october and had not got on the scale since then . I was in what I would consider to be the worst shape I have been in for years, prior to getting the gym in my house. I was a somewhat sloppy 220 pounds. Around March of this year I noticed my abs were starting starting to show again and my arms were getting vascular again and I was fitting better into my clothing. I got on the scale expecting to be around 205-210 and was amazed when I saw 240 pounds. I have upped my cardio even more and am doing about 45 minutes of HIIT every other day and going on distance runs on tuesday and thursdays. Usually when I start cardio the weight comes off rather fast instead I have been killing myself for alittle over a month and have only seen the loss of a pound. Is it possible that most of the weight I put on in was muscle which is why it is difficult to see a change in body weight ? Also I am looking for advice on any supplements which will help me lose some weight. I need something that will not increase my anxiety.

  2. humm i wish i could help you but congrats on your achievements so far

  3. Well if you couldnt see your abs before and there starting to show alittle more now its very possiable your gaining muscle while losing fat.I'd forget about weight and go with the mirror.Who cares what you weight if your humbbled in the mirror and clothes are fitting better!

  4. I agree I almost wish I would not have even checked the scale. This is the strongest I have ever been and was excited about where I was going. Now im screwing with my diet and more than likely overdoing the cardio. I think I need to throw the scale out and measure my results by the mirror and my athletic gains. 240 was just a shock for me to see on the scale.

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