On the way to loose weight log!!(non sponsored genomix-control labs)

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  1. Happy Easter everyone!!
    Today I will do 20 minutes of Kettle bell circuit workout, then of to eat seafood all day!

  2. After a day off the gym .I will do chest ,triceps and 22 minutes of HIIT cardio, I hoping to have a better strenght back , last week my bench was not as good, but I am keeping at it!!

  3. Good morning! Well last night had a great workout, PR on my bench press, is just that I am not changing my diet to really measure the DCP-heat stack; and provide the right information to the forum members, I will keep the same diet for another week.

  4. Last night work out was great , I feel that the blue gene is already working, I am still do not know about the dcp-heat , but I will weight myself next
    saturday, last night was :

    Good mornings
    dead lift 315lbs 8 reps 4 sets
    pull downs 10 reps 4 sets
    dumbell rows 10 reps 4 sets (each hand) 70 lbs
    bicpes workout and 30 minutes on the stair climber.
    This morning Kettlebell for 20 minutes.

  5. Today will be shoulders ,traps abs and cardio, eating clean all day today, hoping to hit some Prs on dumbell press,
    while was sleeping last night i woke up with a major cramp on my leg, so , i got up and ate one banana to get some potassium going , i guess the TTA on dcp got on me hard , this is the first time,

  6. 218 lbs!! Slowly but surely!!

  7. Great job man!

  8. Great job, any update on dcp-heat?

  9. I was sick all week, but feeling better now, I will get up first thing in the morning and do my cardio.

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