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Elliptical if I donít

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    Elliptical if I donít

    Use the handles(the ones that have motion) do I burn as many calories as the machine says I do?
    I weigh 170lbs I put that weight into the machine
    I use the machine for an hour with my hands on the stationary bars(the ones that donít move)
    The machine say I burned 800 calories.. Now is that an accurate total seen as how my arms stayed still the whole time?

    Not sure if i am psoting this in the right form but please any advice will be helpfull.

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    You are certainly burning less calories. Those things are usually inaccurate anyways though so I don't know how much stock I'd put in the number shown. At best it gives you a good ballpark.
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    Yeah inaccurate for sure, unless you have it at like 16 resistance for the entire hour. I base everything off running and how it feels in comparison to the same amount of run time. For example a 30 min. run I figure with an average pace of 6-7mph I figure I burn around 400 calories.

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    I think "all"the gym machines add the calories you'd burn doing nothing and add the extra from your h/r,i was training on a cross trainer with a h/r monitor on and it goes though the machine too,anyway my monitor is programmed for me ,it said i burned 750cals in 30min(hiit)and the machine came up with 825 or so,kinda close but 75cals is 75cals.

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