Fasted cardio

  1. Fasted cardio

    Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on doing cardio on an empty stomach in the morning to lose weight? Good or bad idea?

  2. Suggestion:
    Do what works for YOU.
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  3. Quote Originally Posted by runner_79
    Do what works for YOU.
    Yeah strongly agree on that. Thanks everyone for yr input

  4. Give it a shot, see how you like it. You could try waking up and drinking a bunch of BCAAs pre and intra cardio to fight against the muscle breakdown. Then eat a good breakfast right afterwards.

  5. I did it for awhile at all intensities.Now i don't know if its my b/f is that low now(extra fuel) or im burning off what i eat before bed while i sleep but its rough for to do it anymore.
    I usally do 2/200m jogs to warm up do some streching/hurdels/foam rolling on recovery days and do it fasted but its very low int.sometimes its easy and hard.
    This morning for instince i jumped rope for 5min to warm up(fasted)before strech routine and it took all i had to do what i did.

  6. I think the issue has been pretty much put to bed.....fasted cardio is not anymore efficient for loss than doing cardio with a little bit of carbs/protein in your system. The food acts as a buffer to catabolism while speeding up your metabolic rate. And you feel a heck of a lot better doing cardio with a little glucose in your blood.

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    Skeletal muscle gene response to exercise depends on nutritional status during and after exercise, but it is unknown whether muscle adaptations to endurance training are affected by nutritional status during training sessions. Therefore, this study investigated the effect of an endurance training program (6 wk, 3 day/wk, 1-2 h, 75% of peak Vo(2)) in moderately active males. They trained in the fasted (F; n = 10) or carbohydrate-fed state (CHO; n = 10) while receiving a standardized diet [65 percent of total energy intake (En) from carbohydrates, 20%En fat, 15%En protein]. Before and after the training period, substrate use during a 2-h exercise bout was determined. During these experimental sessions, all subjects were in a fed condition and received extra carbohydrates (1 body wt(-1) .h(-1)). Peak Vo(2) (+7%), succinate dehydrogenase activity, GLUT4, and hexokinase II content were similarly increased between F and CHO. Fatty acid binding protein (FABPm) content increased significantly in F (P = 0.007). Intramyocellular triglyceride content (IMCL) remained unchanged in both groups. After training, pre-exercise glycogen content was higher in CHO (545 +/- 19 mmol/kg dry wt; P = 0.02), but not in F (434 +/- 32 mmol/kg dry wt; P = 0.23). For a given initial glycogen content, F blunted exercise-induced glycogen breakdown when compared with CHO (P = 0.04). Neither IMCL breakdown (P = 0.23) nor fat oxidation rates during exercise were altered by training. Thus short-term training elicits similar adaptations in peak Vo(2) whether carried out in the fasted or carbohydrate-fed state. Although there was a decrease in exercise-induced glycogen breakdown and an increase in proteins involved in fat handling after fasting training, fat oxidation during exercise with carbohydrate intake was not changed.
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