lipo for lifelong easy dieting

  1. lipo for lifelong easy dieting

    everyone's always saying that if you get lipo once you get down to single digit body-fat your body will look bumpy, and unnatural.
    does anyone have any pictures of this? I was thinking about having my lower abs cleaned out, and maybe doing my flanks as well.
    I'm an ex-fatty, and when I start bulking "even with 100% clean foods" those fat cells re-inflate super fast, and I wish I had a permanent fix.
    Thanks for any and all help!


  2. no one has a picture of this bumpy appearence??

  3. An acquaintance of mine in hollywood had lipo done few years ago,
    he wasn't like fat, but indeed a bit overweight - especially for the hollywood scene -
    and he didn't look lumpy after the lipo.
    Only problem is that after something like not even 2 months he looked exactly
    as he did before the thing..
    Granted that he wasn't a bb by any stretch of imagination nor had a healthy lifestyle.
    Recompadrol & AAV2 - PM me with any questions




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