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  1. I'm am new to this site. So, please bare with me. A quick rundown of my journey is that I was 295lbs and accumulating some health issues. I had high blood pressure and was placed on a sleep apnea machine. My health was getting out of hand. Back in Jan I decided to do P90X to help take control of my life. I am down to 227 with 15% body fat now. I want to hit that 10% body fat range and start bulking up my muscles. I can see the outline of my six pack but just can't seem to cut up anymore. I have gained 1 inch in my arms the last 6 weeks. I could use some help with any suggestions.


  2. lay out your diet, and are you sure you are at 15% at 227? how tall are you?

  3. I'm about 6' 2 1/2". I know those regular body fat testers aren't 100% accurate. I am just going by what the read outs are telling me.
    Shakology w/ 12oz of almond milk and 1scoop of Wheyabolic 60
    Two slices of whole wheat bread

    AM Snack:
    2oz Beef Jerky
    1Sargento low fat cheese stick

    8oz chicken breast
    1cup baby carrots
    50g pure protein bar

    PM Snack:
    Greek yogurt
    4oz turkey deli meat

    1 cup whole wheat pasta
    6 oz chicken breast
    1 cup of Bertolli marinara w/ onion-bell peppers added

    PM Shake 2 hrs before bed
    2 scoops Wheyabolic 60

    Post-Workout I drink P90X recovery formula. A 4:1 carb ratio

    This was my intake for yesterday.

  4. welp, I see basically 0 fat in that diet, which is a problem. your natural hormones get created from saturated fat intake. no saturated fats means declining testosterone levels. I'd probably scrap breakfast being a shake + wheat bread as well and try to have something that is a whole food rather than a drink if possible.

  5. Hey, thanks a lot. I normally eat a half cup of almonds or mixed nut with my morning snacks. Most mornings I have a 2 egg omelet with ham and vegetables. When I have whole wheat toast in the mornings I sometime eat it with a spoonful of peanut butter. I'm always open to other suggestions. Thanks again for your input

  6. I'd still try to add more than that in. Something that should help as well is using one of the services that let you track total calories + macros per day for a bit like livestrong.com, fitday.com or any of the others.

  7. I track my calories everyday and the last month I have been trying a 50pro/35carb/15fat. I have trying to reach that stage of ketosis to burn my fat. If your where going to adjust my percentages. What would you decrease/increase? Starting tomorrow I am increasing my cal intake back to 3200cals a day and going back to working out 2X a day every other day. Opposite days will be moderate cardio.

  8. well, theres almost no evidence that ketosis is any better for burning fat or maintaining muscle to go with, and besides theres no way you are getting anywhere near ketosis the way you are eating.

    I'd make sure fats are over 20%, and i'd target rather than 50% as protein, 220g of protein from solid foods and then shakes if you like them on top. and if with those changes you are going to add more carbs, i'd try to add them as whole fruits.

  9. Thanks for everything. I will look at my plan tonight and make changes where need be. You've been a lot of help.


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