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  1. Alpha T2

    Hey I tried this about 4 months ago and I realize the formula has changed however it gave me the "runs" in the worst way. Has anyone tried the new formula and what side effects have you noticed?

  2. hmmm...interesting. i havent tried the new formula but i ordered should be here nxt week. if i have any i will post them.

  3. I'm hoping to run the updated formula in my next stack. Weird your having this issue, its the first I've heard on this but I'm sure Natty and the rest of the PES team could comment further on likely issues.

    Did you notice any fat loss, did you continue the product, what other products did you take along with it, have you been drinking and how was the diet? I'm just curious really
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  4. I have not heard of this with the new version. But i hadn't heard of it from the last one either until now.

    The runs from fat burners or stimulants in general is due to more water being moved into your colon. That is an effect most if not all stimulants have. Some worse than others
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  5. New one causes this for me first few days but T3 also does this to me so I assumed it to be a natural side effect of increased T3.

  6. My current go with AT2 was 1 bottle the original and then a 2nd of the new. I did not experience anything of the sort.
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  7. This is the first time I have heard of this from either version. It isn't something I would expect from something with a low stimulant content.


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