Erase/ Alpha T2/ OEP Logging

  1. Erase/ Alpha T2/ OEP Logging

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Size:  268.4 KBHeading out on a cruise in around 6 weeks. Gonna try to lean down. Hopefully will be able to cut significantly. I will be posting daily if time allows.

    Wt: 196
    BF%: will be getting specifics soon
    Hopefully will have measurements and some pics posted soon.

    2500-2700 Cals
    Eating 5-6 times daily

    PES Erase
    PES Alpha T2
    USPLabs OEP
    Multi Vit
    Joint supp
    I have a tub of GH Stack from universal I bought on a whim. Not sure if I should add in or not.
    Whatcha think?

    Supp Schedule
    Week 1
    Alpha T2 Erase OEP
    AM 1 1 1
    PM 1 1 1
    Week 2+
    Alpha T2 Erase OEP
    AM 2 1 1
    PM 1 1 1
    Ill up the erase if feeling okay 3 times daily, and possibly increase OEP.
    Any suggestions?

    Am: 30min run empty stomach
    PM: Chest/ Tris/ Abs

    Am: 30min run empty stomach
    Pm: HIIT 20min

    Am: 30min run empty stomach
    Pm: Back/ Bis/ Delts


    Am: 30min run empty stomach
    Pm: Legs/ Abs

    Sat: Rest

    Then just gonna cycle through from monday workout just starting on sunday.

    I'd love to hear some feed back. Also anything I might want to add or cut back on that might be needed.
    This is gonna be my first log and real attempt @ some good lean cutting. I'm pretty excited to be trying this new stack. Been lifting around 1 year now with moderate results. I have lost around 30 puonds/ and cut fat % significantly already. Feel I'm at a point I can start weight training alittle more seriously. Planning on bulking after cruise(possibly while on cruise lol) depending on how this stack goes.

    My current problem areas are
    Chest: Right pec smaller than left significantly. Got some fat build up under nipples and bottom of pecs. MOOBS!!!!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!
    Stomach and Love Handles: Fat deposits
    Will try to post some pics as I progress also and please suggest on things to add to workout for problem areas!

    Let me know whatcha think guys!
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    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  2. and your diet macros?

  3. carb25%

    Not sure if that is what you meant by diet macros. If not let me know.
    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  4. This is going to be nice, reps if we get waist before and after measurements.

  5. So quick update!

    Had the day off work today. First day of new stack also.
    Took both the alpha and oep 7am and went for my morning run. Felt good through out. Ran about 3 miles.
    Had breakfast trying to eat as clean as possible
    1 cup Egg whites/ 1/2 cup oats/ 1tbsp Flax oil

    Prot shake/ 1/4 cup oats

    Around 9:45am started getting tons of energy felt really good decided to go early to the gym for my legs and abs.
    My drive down to the gym is usually pretty amped with some good music up loud. Today I was extremely pumped think I made that 25min drive to the gym in about 18-20 mins.
    Looked down @ my spedometer and was speeding 20 over limit lol. I blame the OEP.

    My testimonial at the end ...... shredded 15lbs gained 10lbs muscle and got 500$ in speeding tickets lol.
    I think they should add that to the warning label :P

    Had a great workout. Went heavier on squats than usual and my leg press was up in reps and weight also.
    Towards end of abs still felt good so threw in another 20min of low cardio on the eliptical
    Will update @ end of day each day and a new picture every 7 days.
    Gotta wait for the girlfriend to get home before measurements.
    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  6. Had a great day today! Good energy and focus! Mind never wanted to stop working out. Had to give in to the body! So far I like what this stack has given me energy wise.
    Can't wait to start seeing the results. To finish up my day:
    1pm 8oz Boiled Chicken/ cup of string beans
    Mid Snack:
    3pm Prot Shake w/ 1/2c oats
    6 PM 80z Boiled Chicken/ cup of string beans
    Evening snack
    9Pm 6 pieces shrimp

    Tomarrow first day of diet while @ work. Short day though should be done by 1230pm. Gonna prep though in case a full day. Wonder how this energy will transfer into work?

    Oh also took my waist measurment: 39inch stomach relaxed >.< Kinda sad got alot of fat built up in the midsection.
    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  7. Good run this AM! Headed to work then going lobstering! We paddle board out into the canals and mangroves for about 4-5 hours should be a good workout on an off day.
    OEP kicked in nicely this morning. Feel lean this am. Picture update in 5 days. Off to work update again tonight
    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  8. Another good couple days!
    Yesterday 8/6/11 had rest day and went lobstering with a few buddies of mine.
    Turned out to be a pretty good workout itself. Currents were ripping through some of the mangrove trails. Found myself having to stop a few times just swimming back to the boat and I had some good fins on too.
    Diet was pretty strict missed my aft snack meal though.

    Today had a good workout in the AM. Swam some in the canals a few hours later.
    @ the gym went up on my flat bench and tried a few new workouts gotten from youtube "Chest Workout - CHISEL THOSE LOWER PECS!" Not able to post links yet
    Didnt do in a circuit. Went with pyramid style on decline and then just rep'd till fail on other workouts.
    Tris are gettin nice and strong. Went up a bunch.

    Still getting good energy upwards of 4-5 hours after dosing.
    Felt very lean this AM.
    @ the gym I weighed in @ 188.5 after a big breakfast. Thats alot of weight loss.
    Not sure I'm eating enough. Appetite definitely decreased since starting the supps.
    Might try to increase calories through my protein if still losing weight like this. Ive read that you more lean out without losing weight on these supps. Not sure if that would be the case for me though having higher bf%

    I do have to say OEP has been the cleanest energy Ive gotten from any of the fat burners/ pre workout drinks/ powders/ pills ive taken.
    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  9. Following this - i'm in much the same boat, although my waist is 34", still got a slab of fat around belly and love handles to shift. And probably on the safe side of 'no moobs', just!

    I'm running Alpha-T2 and Erase, but no other direct supps - Creatine, Whey and BCAA are my other vices.

  10. Thanks man let me know how that stack works for ya.
    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  11. Off day today from lifting. Swam about a mile. Did 20 min of hiit. Frickin burpees I hate them!
    After training stepped on the scale and down another pound. My diet has been pretty much on point. Had a piece of pizza the other day, but other than that it hasnt chenged. I am noticing significant changes in my arms and starting to tighten up around my chest. My lats are also starting to pop a bit with some definition in my back. Didnt expect changes this quick in the first week. Will have more than just 1 pick to post to show some of the definition im getting.

    Diet is still 2400-2700 calories.

    Exercise has changed a bit. Found myself doing more cardio, do to the energy level. Trying to mix it up a bit also instead of just running.

    Need to change up some songs on my playlist for tomarrow. Gonna have a heavy back day with bi's/ abs

    Thursday Im gonna start uping my doses on the OEP/ T2/ Erase.
    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  12. Bump for updates
    HIGH VOLUME - Supreme Stim-Free Nitric Oxide Matrix
    SELECT Protein
    - Ultra-Premium Blend
    ALPHAMINE - Thermogenics...Redefined

  13. Well took alittle break from posting was crazy busy past few days.

    Today was legs, and I felt like a monster while doing squats. Weight/ reps increased.
    Got a great pump and barely was able to walk out of the gym.
    Diet has been alittle off. Carb intake is up more than I'd like but spacing it around the supps so not to interfere with them.
    Due to the carbs, haven't felt as shredded as I was feeling before.

    Belly fat has decreased and weight is also down.

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    Yeaaaaaaaah! Buuuddy! LIGHT WEIGHT! BOOUUUUUP!

  14. Good deal....modulate the carbs and you will be set
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