How effective would this be??

  1. How effective would this be??

    so im goin for a second write up of my diet..jus wondering if it makes sense and if the meals are placed correctly..trying to get serious mass and loose fat at the same time..dont really have a goal weight jus wanna look 5'9" 220lbs...about 30%body fat...i knw thats high but i used to be very athletic until a klnee injury took me out of commisiion for about 2 years..3 knee surgies and still ate like a beast so i gained a lot of weight but im here goes..

    wake up..scoop of whey plus 1 cup of oats 7:30am
    cellmass recoveryshake.1/2 hour after, 1 scoop of whey
    meal1..1 whole egg with 4 egg whites 10:00am
    meal2..8oz ground turkey 12:00pm
    meal3..sweet potatoe 2:00pm
    meal4..can of tuna with oil+vinegar and 6oz of asparagus(dnt knw if thats spelled rite lol) 4:00pm
    cellmass recovery shake 5:00pm
    meal5..8oz chicken breast 6:00pm
    casein shake 8:00pm

    the times are rough estimates because its hard to stay on track with work and everything and i dnt have a car so bus actually takes a lot of time out of my day believe it or me knw wat yu guys think.

  2. No offense, but I don't know why your goal is to gain serious mass if you are at 30% bodyfat. Your figure would probably look much better (and even "bigger" muscle wise) if you went on a cut for a few months and shed some body fat. THEN tried to add good lean mass. I've always had better luck focusing on one goal at a time.

  3. ok so well i ddnt mean serious mass..i jus want to get a lot stronger and burn a lot of fat..i guess i kinda figured mass comes with strength but thats not not trying to have washboard jus wanna get bak in shape for my well being and to wrestle in anyways my question was how does the diet look??

  4. and my body fat really isnt that gettin a caliper tmrrw so ill knw for sure

  5. i think you're going to want to do a straight cut . recomping is a slow process.

    here's why :

    if you're at 25% BF at 220lbs, that means you have 55lbs of fat 165lbs of LBM. if you lose only fat, and no LBM, you'd have to be 198ish. assuming you aren't going too low on calories trying to hold onto muscle, MAYBE you'll lose 2lbs of fat a week.......thats 11weeks of cutting.

    this is if you want to look alright at 15% BF. to add muscle WHILE losing fat, you can imagine how much longer than 11 weeks, it will take.

    my math could be off though
    For me, the action IS the juice.

  6. First off I would lift before cardio, and try and keep your sessions short. If you really want to lose fat do cardio later on in the day.

    Diet wise I'd add more veggies if possible. I think you should look into and see if intermittent fasting is for you. I've always been more hungry when I eat every two hours or whatever as you are doing.


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