Post PCT Stack

  1. Post PCT Stack

    I've started a sdrol / hdrol cycle (4 weeks) and after PCT (4 weeks) I'm planning a cut.

    This month long cut will be a low carb diet with low intensity cardio in the morning, and lifting heavy at night. I wanted to share my supplement plan and see if anybody had any input. (My goals should be pretty obvious - Fat loss - maintain as much muscle as possible).

    Lean Xtreme 2 pills
    ALA 300 mg
    OxyElite Pro 2 pills
    CLA 1000 mg

    Cardio Session

    Oxy Elite Pro 2 pills
    CLA 1000 mg
    ALA 300 mg

    Lift Heavy

    Before Bed:
    Reduction PM
    ALA 300 mg
    CLA 1000 mg
    Lean Xtreme 1 Pill

    Appreciate any input!

  2. from having taken LX I would does it 1 AM, 1 Noon and 1 Before bed. 4 hours between 1st and second dose. They have a graph of cort levels and it makes the most sense to do it that way.

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