Can I stack EC and Alpha T-2?

  1. Can I stack EC and Alpha T-2?

    Any problems with stacking these?

  2. It has been done. Most do 1 AT2 with each EC dose, and not exceed 3 doses per day
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  3. Yes, should be quite effective if you can handle the stims. Good combination hitting beta receptors, alpha-2 receptors, and thyroid.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by pitching101 View Post
    Any problems with stacking these?
    None at all - they go perfectly together

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  5. I love stacking these.
    2at2 am with 25/200 ec
    4 hours later another dose of ec
    2 hours after that another 1 at2

    Add erase to this at 1 am and 1
    Before bed and prepare for awesome !



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