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  1. Stack Help...

    Haven't hit the gym in about 2 years. Had total reconstructive knee surgery and got lazy and frustrated because I can't run much or do any high impact types of activity that I used to do because I will be laid up for about 3 or 4 days after with a swollen and sore knee.

    I currently weigh 255 lbs stand 6'3 and am 31 years old. Would like to get down to 210, 205 range.

    I don't have limitless funds but what I was looking at starting with based on reviews, reading on this site and talking to some folks is this:

    Recreate + OEP. Taking 1 of each 30 minutes prior to working out and then also the same later in the day. I have seen where some folks to 2 at a time but others say it helps stretch out how long you can use it by only taking 1 each.

    Jackd3d as source of creatine.

    Syntha6 Protein taken 2-3 times a day then Optimum Casein Protein at night.

    My diet prior to this has not been clean....but I have no problem switching over...just had no motivation before and now trying to get back into it.

    Any comments, suggestion or corrections would be appreciated.

  2. At your current stage I would say supplements are the last thing you need...

    The most important thing is to get everything squared away on the nutrition and workout front; make sure your workout routine is appropriate, run it for a few months, I would say at least 4, get back in the groove before even considering any supplement that is not a staple.

    Perhaphs Fish Oils, BCAAs, Creatine, Protein Shakes, and a Multi for starters, but buying Recreate, at this point, to me would be kind of a waste.

    My 2c.
    Androhard + Andromass Log

  3. That guys two cents are gold, good advice. Work on the routine and diet first with some good supps for recovery and overall health. Fish oils should be a staple to everyone's suppage and for some BCAA's I know this one tastes great and has some really good reviews. It has taurine too for some extra energy. Also the multi is extremely important if your dieting. I really think it's best to save up your money right now and wait those few months to have everything just right first.
    now u got 4 cents.
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    Athletic Xtreme Rep

  4. Cool thanks for the advice !

  5. What about some sort of appetite suppressant and/or some sort of stim supplement ? I run out of gas pretty early on in my work outs and feel like I eat way more than I should....would you recommend for or against anything like that ?

  6. Well, if you feel that you need something extra it's nothing wrong with that. Being on a diet can sure have it's tull on the energy levels, so resorting to a Stim supplement could be a good alternative.

    I would recommend that you try the new Stimulant-X with 1-MeTIQ,
    Here's a link for a free sample package of it, just 0.99c for S&H:

    You can also check these threads out for more info about it :
    Stimulant X Featuring 1-MeTIQ™
    New Stim X
    Stimulant X review


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