Fat today, Shredded tomorrow

  1. Fat today, Shredded tomorrow

    Hey yall

    Its been awhile since I have posted on here, Im just not that much of a social bird. I probably spend about 2 hours a day following logs and doing research on here, so I am definitely still around. I have a quick question for yall tho. I have been training for years and definitely started off with the body of an ectomorph. I have found no need to cut because the highest bf% I have reached so far is 12%. I am now at 12-13% and I am still bulking. This summer I am doing plenty of research in order for me to do my first serious cut. That is months away and not too much of my concern. However, spring break is around the corner and I want to do a quick 10 day cut and see what I can do. So far the plan is to switch over to the keto diet, but Im not gunna load up on carbs for 14 days. Im doing this due to my carb day would be right before I go off to the island and I dont wanna look bloated when I get there. I will definitely incorporate some cardio and up the intensity of my workouts. I am goin to try clen for my first time and I am currently on half a gram of test ethanate a week. So my question is, any tips or info yall have for me that will make the best out of a 10 day cut?

    My stats are 6 ft even, 205 lbs, and about 13% bf

    I honestly don't have an exact goal because I don't know what is exactly reasonable. Just trying to shred a few pound in a few days. No unrealistic goals here.

    I posted this in the cut section because my question is about cutting. I know I mentioned anabolics, but I have no questions about them. By all means, recommend supplements if you think they will benefit me in this current situation. I apologize if my talk of anabolics effects anyone. Lemme know if yall need more details or have any questions.

    I appreciate everyone that contributes to this thread and all threads on here. I love the unity and sharing of the wealth. Thanks

  2. fasted am cardio with some bcaas would be a nice addition to a cut no matter the length

  3. Noted. I appreciate it ticco

  4. ewww fasted cardio. I always feel like **** doing that.

    Just food for thought.
    I forgot where I first read it. I think it was on alan aragons review. There was a study showing that LISS cardio in the 65-68% heart rate zone had the same results for fasted state and fed state. However lower rates of like 30% used the blood glycogen.

  5. I was hitting 200 pounds when I realized to reduce weight. My blood works and cholesterol levels came normal but my blood pressure was elevated. I was prescribed medicine for BP but I was skeptical to start the dosages for BP. I learnt yoga from a guru and started practicing Surya Namaskar & Kapalbathi. I also started a brisk walking regimen. All these made me shed 25pounds in 3 weeks. I need to reduce 20 more pounds to reach my BMI but am really confident that I can reduce that with determination.

  6. I'm a huge fan of fasted am cardio. ECA also works wonders.

  7. Because of the tight customs laws to Australia...what would be a suggestion to 'mimic' the ECA stack that i can buy off Nutraplanet???As i to am an early bird and train on an empty stomach. Cant eat before i run. 40minutes minimum at 75% max HR so around 155bpm


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