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    Hello all, I am very new to everything here and I have a few questions that will probably get me yelled at, but after extensive reading I cant seem to find the answers I am looking for. First off, a bit about me. I am 36 years old, 5'10" tall, 205 pounds, ~17%bf, good diet (not excellent) and just started getting back into shape after a back injury put me out for some time. I have a big frame, and some muscle mass, but I have a "gut" that wont seem to go away. I have just been cleared by my doctor for all levels of physical activity and additionally had blood work and other vitals done and I am absolutly "normal" for a man my age. I am a chef, so a nazi-esq diet is out of the question, but on the upside, all types of proteins and fresh foods are at my disposal. I have an unbelievably SLOW metabolism, and started keeping a food journal a few weeks back. By my calculation I take in around 1600 calories a day, and have dropped about 30lbs over the past 4 months...but the weight loss has leveled off. I know my caloric intake is pretty low, but I honestly dont get that hungry, and logic would dictate that calories taken in vs. calories burned is the shortest path to weightloss. My goal is NOT to be able to lift a horse over my head, win a bodybuilding contest or anything like that...rather, I want to look great naked. Vain, I know, but thats what I want. Due to my work schedule I am able to work out only 3 days a week, and for the foreseeable future this isnt going to change.

    Recently a friend gave me 150 Tren-xtrem, and 150 D-bol. I have done extensive reading on both of these substances, and I know the dangers, side effects ect. I would not dream of taking the D-bol without test, and a pct product in hand. Dosages for a newbie I am familiar with also, but my question is this: am I wasting either of these substances taking them while my bf% is still is as high as it is? Will either of them help in reducing overall bf? Please keep in mind, my goal is to look good. I can take all types of criticism, guidance, words of wisdom etc...anything helpful I will read and take to heart.

    Thanks again for reading this wall of text.

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    Since you're just starting back up, still, I wouldn't jump into anything hormonal yet. The tren would be able to help with losing some bodyfat while upping strength if your diet is in check, but if you're mostly just wanting to look good (lean, trim, etc.), I'd stay away from it.

    Only being able to lift 3 days a week isn't too bad. As you stated, the biggest thing is cals in vs. cals out, but even with a slow metabolism, that sounds way too low. I was taking in around 1900 and that was with hypothyroidism that hadn't been diagnosed, yet.

    Especially since you've plateaued in your weight-loss, you should slowly start upping those calories.

    This is only scraping the surface of everything, but I'll be more than happy to help in any ways that I can.

    Best of luck!
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