This fatass needs help after a few years out of the gym!

  1. This fatass needs help after a few years out of the gym!

    I have not worked out seriously in 3-4 years. I lost 90% most of the muscle I had. I just joined lifetime fitness tonight and am going for an “evaluation” on Sunday to see where I stand with body fat and every 30 days until I am satisfied with where I am at. I know it has to be high; I have never been this fat in my life. I could probably lose 40-50 pounds of fat. I am not concerned with “muscle preservation” this time around since I have been off soooo long which makes me think I might be able to get away with some sort of “extreme diet”, I just don’t know of any. PS this is the craziest and largest gym I have ever seen.

    I am very good about dieting if I want to be. I am thinking bc of this predicament and the high BF% I should probably go with a CKD to get back down to 10% BF as opposed to low fat\low carb diet. I had done the CKD probably 10 years ago with very good results. There was a website I think which I cannot find now… I know how to figure out how much protein and how much total caloric intake I should have for the day NP. I am just wondering what to do pre and post workout? Maybe just a scoop of whey for each one or just post workout? I also seem to remember that if I tried to stick to mostly clean fats weight loss would slow. After Friday’s workout it is a carb fest starting with high GI carbs and slowly working down to low GI carbs and then back on fats Sunday. Also you can have I think up to 30G of carbs a day and still stay ketogenic?

    I still have my intense 5 day a week workout, but I think it is way too much for a non carb diet. I checked out the CKD diet and it seems, well, poor. Do you really need to do the vull body workout on Fridays to make sure you are glycogen depleted? Anyone have any other workout suggestions or should I just suck it up and do the recommended CKD diet.

    I have high BP (controlled with meds) so ECA is out of the question this time around. All I am going to take as of now is green tea pills and animal multi vite packs unless someone knows something that actually works? I am on 200 mg a week of test for TRT along with a monthly prescription of HCG of which I take 400 IU twice a week, so that should help I am thinking of starting some HGH too here soon if I can find it at the right price since that **** works miracles on my body for fat and overall “shape”. I also have a 2 kilo bag of BCAA.

  2. hey when did we start *ing out words like **** and **** here?

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