Hows this look?

  1. Hows this look?

    Does this look good for fat loss? I have switched to a regular low cal diet after six weeks of keto, which worked great but got sick of not eating veggies

    im 5'10" 215 lbs
    roughly 19% fat

    2 eggs
    cup egg white
    slice bread

    post work out
    cup blackberries
    cup cherries
    cup yogurt
    cup whole milk

    2 cups broccoli
    cup cottage cheese

    7oz chic breast
    cup black beans


    casein shake


  2. I agree with your plan. Try it out and let us know the results.

  3. There has to be something wrong with it lol

  4. 1939 cals at 215lbs is a bit low, i lose nicely around 2500. i bet you're starving at that. then add in the cals you burn working out and you're very low.
    you could probably think of adding 500cals in the form of chicken, tuna, maybe some nuts or natty PB. then see how it goes. make sure you have a solid workout plan, i dont see mention of that here.

  5. Work out are solid bro doing a 4 day split (mostly compound compound) and doing cardio at least five times a week. and to be honest with you the hunger isnt that bad to be honest with ya, with the exception of the couple hours between my last meal and the casein shake haha



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