Need Help?

  1. Need Help?

    I was looking for options from 3pm on to make sure I am not soooo hungry for dinner. I am always soo hungry. I usually eat about 2 eggs and a protein shake for breakfast. I then will have a salad, lean cuisine or something and another protein shake? around supper time, i am starving and eat somewhat terribly from time to time. What can I do to make sure I am not soo hungry and still maintain a healthy and lean diet? Any sigguestions on what works for certain people on here? What foods. ??

  2. a bunch of almonds but you need change your diet bud!

  3. what do you suggest?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SHaneA655 View Post
    what do you suggest?
    look this example

    half cup of oatmeal
    5 eggs scrambled

    morning snack
    Protein Shake (NOT TOO MUCH CARBS)

    1 cup or Rice
    chicken, fish or any LEAN MEAT

    Protein Shake+BCAA


    edit: if don`t like your protein with water and you wish avoid make with milk use Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze "Almond Milk" (only 1g carbs and NO SUGARS)
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