Need Help?

  1. Need Help?

    I was looking for options from 3pm on to make sure I am not soooo hungry for dinner. I am always soo hungry. I usually eat about 2 eggs and a protein shake for breakfast. I then will have a salad, lean cuisine or something and another protein shake? around supper time, i am starving and eat somewhat terribly from time to time. What can I do to make sure I am not soo hungry and still maintain a healthy and lean diet? Any sigguestions on what works for certain people on here? What foods. ??

  2. a bunch of almonds but you need change your diet bud!
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  3. what do you suggest?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by SHaneA655 View Post
    what do you suggest?
    look this example

    half cup of oatmeal
    5 eggs scrambled

    morning snack
    Protein Shake (NOT TOO MUCH CARBS)

    1 cup or Rice
    chicken, fish or any LEAN MEAT

    Protein Shake+BCAA


    edit: if don`t like your protein with water and you wish avoid make with milk use Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Breeze "Almond Milk" (only 1g carbs and NO SUGARS)
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