Choclate Whey makes everything better! -

Choclate Whey makes everything better!

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    Thumbs up Choclate Whey makes everything better!

    My newest concoction, oatmeal with chocalate whey, natural PB, and Sugar free, fat free syrup... Yummy!

    Rice is good with the PB and Syrup too, Ill have to try the whey with rice next.

    Cottage cheese is good with whey and pb too. But I dont eat it anymore.

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    Your first recipe is close to the ingrediants used to make Sheesh bars, with substituting syrup in place of honey. I made them this way once before, but I liked the honey better, because I didn't care for the maple flavor.

    If you want a good carb meal, try rice with skim milk and splenda. Love that stuff. Can't wait for bulking season!
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    yea i think many of us have tried numerous concoctions to keep things varied... including the one your mentioned. Btw, for individuals who havent tried Sheesh's bar, really give it a go. Very convient to take on the go. I read many threads about healthy snacks to carry with you, this would be one.... but lets also give props to guys that shared the 'homemade' protein ingredients with the rest of us long while back.

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