How does my ECA stack+routine look like?

  1. How does my ECA stack+routine look like?

    Hello everyone first off thank you for any comment or advice. Im currently starting my keto diet, pretty much all i eat is (eggs/tuna(without mayo), chicken break, green beans, sometimes steak/hamburger maybe twice a week for dinner) + 2 protein shakes(3g of carbs per serving) I was thinking of upping this to 3.

    here is my scheduel

    I AM also taking the "animal pack" multi-viet.

    3-4 eggs+ tuna- 9:30 am
    25 E + 200 C + 1 adult 81mg asprin + 1 fish oil - 10:00 am
    Workout-lifting- 10:25 am
    After workout shake- NOON
    2-5 nap-
    3-4 eggs+ tuna - 5:30
    25 E + 200 C + 1 adult 81mg asprin + fish oil
    Workout lifting+ running cardio- 6:30
    After workout shake- 730

    8:30-9:15 cardio-(swimming//running//biking)
    930: can of tuna//green beans

    15 minute stretch before bed.

    Normal lifting consist of 3X12 or 4X10 each workout consist focusing on 1 body part.
    1st workout: biceps/ triceps
    2nd Chest
    3rd Shoulders/ back
    4th intest curcuit legs
    5th back to biceps/triceps

    This is my daily routine, every lifting is focused on a different body part, and every otherday I do a Circuit training lifting.(sparticus workout)

    Height: 5'11
    Weight: 201

    NOTE: today was my first time starting ECA, and NEVER before have i done benchpress, then Explode from the bench and start jumping around from a rush of energy, the entire workout I was pretty much running around! Only side effect is round house kicking walls down!!!!!!!

  2. One question i forgot to add is how long are you suppose to run a ECA stack? how many weeks on and off?

  3. everything looks ok, i've ran the eca stack recently with good results. you're right about the energy... isn't it awesome?

    i just did 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.
    but if you're looking to run longer maybe do 4 weeks on 4 weeks off, something like that

  4. thanks barbell sounds good ill probly go 4 on 4 off cause it fits my changeup of workout better

  5. Quote Originally Posted by nightside1234 View Post
    One question i forgot to add is how long are you suppose to run a ECA stack? how many weeks on and off?
    6-12 weeks on 4 weeks off

  6. i lost count, im on month 3 or 4? idk
    just split up the doses a little bit doesnt matter much
    Serious Nutrition Solutions

  7. hey, what ever works for you lol. the first "cycle" of ec i ran it lasted me about 3 weeks before the effects start going away lol


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