Cortisol Blocker with CKD diet help?

  1. Cortisol Blocker with CKD diet help?

    Ive been on the ckd diet for months and it is working good but was wondering if a cort blocker would help with losing weight? Especially since some days im def calorie deficient because of work


  2. As long as u're doing the refeed properly and not taking any adrenal / cortisol increasing substances (such as Caffeine) you should be fine imo...

    You could add vitamin C in high doses (6000mg spread throughout the day).

    Vitamin C in high doses is the only thing I use to minimize cortisol. I'm not sure about 11-Oxo and similar supps.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Violator4200 View Post
    Lean Xtreme - cortisol control and non-stim fat loss

    The Best of the Best!

  4. Thanks will have to look into that



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