ECA Stack question

  1. ECA Stack question

    I'm thinking about using Diamond Labs ECA 30+ (30/210/25) in order to loose some belly fat that hasn't gone away with the regular cardio/training/diet though the weight loss. So, with this in mind the issue of potential muscle catabolism came to my mind due to increased cortisol levels due to the high epinepherine levels, so what can I do to avoid that potential muscle catabolism while on this potent stack?

  2. After about two weeks on , jump on an anti cortisol .

  3. What kind of anti cortisol? I want to keep myself away from hormonal related products, like 7oxo and other alike.

  4. Yes of course, im talking something like lean xtreme, or supress-C if you like topicals. Technically they are "hormonal" as cortisol is a hormone, but they have no affect on FSH or LH.

  5. get yourself some bcaa's to take in before workout/cardio..

    a study i read showed that stimulants like ephedrine increase the metabolism of glucocoritcoids and reduce their biological effects as well as plasma concentrations..

    (clenbuterol actually possesses mild anabolic characteristcs)

    therefore i wouldnt be too worried about catabolism if youre protein intake is high bro

    muscle catabolism, that is
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.

  6. Thanks to you both
    I'm new to this kind of components, there for I didn't knew that particularities about glucocorticoid metabolism, in which it actually lowers cortisol levels (very nice detail). About clenbuterol, I did heard that it might possess a mild anabolic effect, though I've alawys seen it folowed by something like "but this is on the horse study which might not apply to humans", but about the stimulants effect thats really nice new fact that you've told
    So basicaly, and in real world terms, all I need to concern is the high protein/bcaa's intake while on this stack, right?
    Deadaim, that's exactly the kind of hormonal products that I was talking about, since they do need to be used at key times and I don't know how far does go its potency, I'd like to stay around more natural stuff, but with what Bezoe told, I guess I'll be fine with just high protein diet but thanks for the input though
    Another question, perhaps a bit silly to ask at this point but, how should the ECA stack be cycled and the daily dose should be taken in the morning or pwo?

  7. No one on this two?

  8. yea bro and keep high intensity cardio at a minimum.

    ECA is usually run at 50mg E, 200 mg C, and aspirin is a baby aspirin every other day..

    Refer to "Save your money, use ECA stack" thread under "weightloss", i believe, for more elaborate info
    Suffer now.. and live like a champion later.


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