What to do at this point?

  1. What to do at this point?

    I went from 6'5, 271 (30%+ bodyfat) February 1st; to 224 today, maybe 20%ish bf. Having a steady weightloss of about 4lbs/week; varies between 2-5. I am 25 years old.

    Morning: 1cup brown rice + 1 can of tuna
    Lunch: 1 cup brown rice + 1/2 lb of shrimp or Scallops + maybe canned tuna
    Dinner: Broccoli, Shrimp or Scallops again + tuna
    Post Workout: 1 whey shake
    Snacks: can of tuna or 2 teaspoons cottage cheese

    Average calories 1000-1300ish,if there's a cheat day I don't go above 1800cals for the day, maybe once every 2 weeks.

    5-6 days of 1hour interval cardio
    1 day: Chest, BI's, Back
    1 day: Legs, Shoulders, Tri's
    Bench: 180 max 1 rep

    6'5, 210lbs 10% body fat
    Be fit, healthy & look good, no competitions
    Expected to take 6 months to a year

    Should I keep dropping 4-5lbs a week until I hit 190-200lbs for my body fat to be around 10% then bulk to build muscle? That's what I'm thinking of doing; my lifts are extremely weak and always have been. I need to up my caloric intake but I can't figure out why I should if I need to drop to 190. Advice is appreciated.

  2. yeah have to keep it 1 step at a time, will be really hard to gain strength while losing that much weight sounds like ur doing a really good job so far i'd just keep that up until u reach ur goals.

  3. Damn, I was completely hoping you'd say "you're doing it wrong" and give me a magic cure to be 210 @ 10% bf not have to drop to 190 or less then bulk up. I will look extremely skinny but I think that's the best way to start a real bulk. It sucks because I look about the right mass now at 224 with clothes on; everybody thinks I'm ripped etc but without clothes it's just pudgy fat.

    Thanks for your input it has helped me a lot. I'll keep chugging along at the current pace.

  4. yeah its up to u really theres different supps u can use to reach ur goals faster, such as primordial performance's turinabol-lv stack that puts on muscle and burns body fat at the same time but its an anabolic so u'd have to do ur research and really understand what u'd be getting into and make that kind of decision.

  5. I'll stick with natural to lose the weight; I have some tornell super-test 250 or omnadren that I can cycle when bulking. Really trying to do my research and get a good understanding of everything prior to using an anabolic. Focusing on my PCT research at the moment for when I am ready for the bulk. I am so glad I didn't use the supertest back in 2005 when I got it (when I joined the site); I didn't even know the basics of calories or really anything back then.



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