Going on my first mild cut, help with supplements

  1. Question Going on my first mild cut, help with supplements

    Hello, as i write this i am closing up a bulking phase that has lasted about 2.5 years. I went from 130 to a projected 205 by the end of the month when i finish my current prohormone cycle. (195 right now) after pct, i want to try to lean out a bit since my body fat has gone up, but not too much.

    I started at 130 and probably 5% body fat and at my current 195 im at around 10-12 percent bodyfat. My next goal would be to drop down to 195 or so at 6-8 percent body fat within a few months. (without losing muscle) My friend who is about 14 percent bodyfat will be doing this with me, and it will be his first cut as well.

    I dont need much help in the diet/training section, but would like some advice in the supplement section. I am looking for a non hormonal, mild cutting agent that will not cut any muscle mass off of me. I am not looking for overnight results, just something to help me do it over a period of 3 months or so. I have a very fast metabolism naturally allthough it has slowed during this bulking phase, but its still fast if that helps.

    Any help would be appreciated and rewarded.


  2. Sicne no one has responded i'll shed some light, as you probally know the deciding factor wont be the supss but the diet as you mentioned your diet is fine so i'll trust that. Supplements especially on a cut do help more then bulking in my own opinion. Theres plenty of options out there as far as supplements go a few things id deffinately grab is a Green Tea Product (overall health and fat loss product), Then theres some thermos like OxyElite Pro which seems very promising i have a bottle im going to be using during my cut following my current h-drol cycle so im in the same boat as you. A good stack may be OxyElite Pro and Recreate both by USPlabs.

    Another well know product is the ECA Stack as you can see plenty of threads in this sub section about it. DCP is a very very solid product Id honestly reccomend this product greatly it is in stock right now at nutra so id jump on it.

    My suggestion for some supps would be this.....

    Green Tea

    One of these stacks or mix match

    1. OxyElite Pro/Recreate
    2. ECA Stack
    3. DCP/Leviathon Reloaded

    And theres a few other products out there but these are the few id reccomend.

    But in the end it comes down to diet and training these supps will do just that supplement proper diet and training i know i dont need to preach since you seem to know that.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Yeah I understand "Supplements" just help obtain goals not acheive them stand alone. So I guess green tea is much
    more suitable for me over a thermogemic since I don't have slot of fat to lose? How will this effect my
    muscle mass/ strength training workouts? Even though it's my
    first cut I still want to maintain my had earned gains.

  4. If you want to maintain the muscle while losing fat id honestly look into DCP/Leviathan Reloaded its a good stack for just that. This would be my ideal cutting stack if i hadnt already had OxyElite Pro on hand. Green Tea will provide some results but its more of a way to speed of your metabolism a little provide some health benefits.

  5. thanks man appreciated

  6. Definitely the Green Tea

  7. would just Green tea extract + cla + recreate work well?

  8. ECA gets my vote...

  9. USP labs OEP/Recreate/Prime This is a solid stack The Oep will cut the fat the recreate will help with energy and the Prime will help with strength. Its a good stack. Many of my buddies have used this and droped some fat and actually increased strength thanks to the Prime


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