Clen and OEP Cycling Question!

  1. Clen and OEP Cycling Question!

    Hey, I've done a ton of research on Clen for the past couple months and getting ready to buy some soon! I am planning on cycling it 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off. My question is, on my two weeks off would it be possible for me to use OEP to keep burning fat? Or would OEP continue to downregulate my beta2 receptors? I haven't been able to find an answer to this anywhere so any information would be helpful!

  2. Im curious too. Any help?

  3. what is OEP? oxy elite pro?

  4. Im using it...I feel more energy which is great, but watch your blood pressure

  5. Your using both together??

  6. Quote Originally Posted by cmp007 View Post
    Your using both together??
    yea I take it pre WO...are you using it?

  7. I'm using oep at the moment but was gonna put it on hold till my Clem came in. I might just use oep on the off weeks.

  8. Hey cmp007,
    I'm looking for a source for clen. Where did you get yours?

  9. your not allowed to ask for source's. "read rules"

  10. Quote Originally Posted by slugtrail View Post
    Hey cmp007,
    I'm looking for a source for clen. Where did you get yours?


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