HELP with cutting

  1. HELP with cutting

    I tore my knee about a year ago. After surgery and physical therapy, i was out of the gym for about 3 months. I put on a lot of fat during that time due to a more the lack of the gym, more business trips than usual, ect... I weighed 175 with about 9% body fat now i am up to about 15%. and weighing 190 I have been dieting and doing cardio and lifting as before. I work out hard and have great motivation but cant seem to lose the fat. I have taken pro-hormones before and loved them. I am wondering if anyone can give me any advice as to what a good pro-hormone stack would be to aid in fat loss. thanks

  2. maybe you should try HGHup since HGH burns fat and adds muscle. also jump roping burns cals fast. diet is your main contribution to your results. keep cals and carbs low, protein high, drink lots of water and eat frequently. as far as training goes, you prob know u need to do higher reps. do it till u feel the burn! i would recomment running HGHup maybe 2 bottles back to back if u wanted to take something to help you. i personally am against fat burners because it increases heart rate and increases blood pressure. i know PHs do also but ya. good luck cutting!
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    I do watch my caloric intake. It just seems that i have hit a plateau and when i drop anymore amount of calories below 2600 +/-100 calories I become incredibly tired through out the day and lose strength. I try to eat a clean good diet but i do occasionally have to eat out due to business, but i try to make good choices. I dont drink soft drinks or alcohol on a regular basis. I work out very hard. And i do work out 4 to 5 times a week with high reps and do cardio 3 days a week. It just seems like I can not lose fat. That is why i am stuck. I am wondering what i can do.

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