phosphatidylcholine injections aka lipostabil

  1. phosphatidylcholine injections aka lipostabil

    This stuff is suppose to really work but I never see it mentioned on forums.

    It is halfway between a topical fat burner and liposuction.

    You can do it yourself or you can go to a clinic and pay about $300 a session and do about 6 sessions.

    They inject phosphatidylcholine into problem areas such as stomach and hips, a session usually involves about 50 injections with a small syringe and this stuff actually kills fat cells.

    It has been researched a lot, apparently it kills the fat cells for good but concerns are from what I read no1 knows where the fat actually ends up and it can possibly cause an unevenness of fat in the area.

    Was wondering if anyone has tried this and what are peoples thoughts?

  2. Ehh... from memory Pac is lectin ??

    Sounds yuk.

  3. Hmm sounds very interesting, but painful

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