Testing Stack

  1. Testing Stack

    Looking into taking in the following..... Please pros and cons...
    Beta Alinine 4G daily split Pre /Post Workout
    Creatine Mono 8G Daily Split Pre/Post Workout
    ALCAR 8G daily Split 4 times Break/Pre/Post/Before Bed
    Green Tea 2G Daily Split Break/Lunch/Dinner maybe one snack

    Planning on being with it if it goes thru 8 weeks on and 2 weeks off..... Any Comments...... Should I add CLA and/or caffeine???? or it would be a waist... I am planning on capping myself....... A lot cheaper in the long run...... Thanks...

  2. unless you plan on taking 10 caps at dosing times capping would be a waste. the largest cap (000) hold a little over a g. so with the amounts your looking to take, you might as well just measure out the powder throw it in some gatorade, ice tea mix, protien shake, ect ect.

    I'd take our your creatine from the mix and use standard dosing protocol for that (load, maintain..) Beta alanine is solid pre w/o but post workout also? I'm not sure the benefits of that. Check out some yohombie-hcl or 1,3 dimeth, much stronger than caffeine but a bit more expensive
    but what are your goals with this? fat loss?

  3. goal is fat loss and lean body mass..... diet is ok but not the best because of all the traveling so looking into some supps to assist.....

  4. well, while your luck wont be very good because of your diet here is what i suggest
    Beta-alanine is best taken pre w/o i could be wrong but I dont see why you would want to take it post w/o.
    yohombie-hcl is a solid product for weight loss, can be found in bulk for so its cheaper.
    Follow regular load maintain off repeat protocol for creatine. CLA and greentea if you have it wouldnt hurt, I dont see them making too much of a difference. A good stim is really the best you can do which you can find in yobo or 1,3 dimeth
    since your looking to take alcr, i'd suggest diet wise you concentrate on carb cycling since the alcr will help fat oxidization, check into some TTA as well, works very well.

  5. thanks for your assistance, very appreciated and already correcting supplementation....Will download various e books on CKD... thanks.... Lets see what the travels lets me do..



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