need help guys

  1. need help guys

    ok people. i need sum help. this the dilemma. i was doin good about a year ago.. working out hard , eating right, not drinking, smoking umm that stuff ;p and than i got comfortable in a realationship and just let myself slipp.. im talking in 8 months going from 193 to 248.. im naturally a big guy. and i love me sum cardio and pushin my body to the limit. anyways my question is i wanna use winstrol, i can get it no problems from any of my friends im jus wondering what would work best and what to take as a pct or while im taking it. what cardio routines lifting rountines. i WANNA CUT WEIGHT AND GET LEAN BEFORE SUMMER!!! and ill do anything to achieve results. this is a current pic of me now(current on profile). any suggestions. im a newbie to steroids so speak english ahah thanks for the help guys. i will post pics every week or 2 with the tumm tum shoowing :*( god i wanna lose that gut..

  2. Couldnt see any pic, but anyhow start cardio clean up your diet and once you get to about 20%bf or when your weight loss slows down then hit the winny with a bigger calorie deficit, and take some stuff for your joints.
    If you can get some test to stack with the winny and arimidex/nolva that would be ideal.

  3. strange that you should let yourself slip once in a relationship , the man your partner was attracted to weighed 193 not 248 . i would have thought it would have been in your own interests to keep in shape whilest in the relationship.However whats done is done.
    my only suggestion is cardio , and diet ;do exercises involving large muscle groups only and go for high reps 10/14 to speed up metabolism with little rest between sets

    do cardio after your workout -a good 30 min -bike , treadmill, rower

  4. whats your gym experience like? personally it doesn't sound like you have to proper diet or training to make something like winni work well for you. you can't just be like "oh ****, i'm big as a whale" one day and decided to take a hormonal. My suggestion is work back down to 193, then possibly consider a hormonal.
    as far as training. BIg moves that are supersetted to keep heart rate up, you also want to add some heavy sets in there too to keep natty test levels and GH levels up. that among a good amount of HIIT and steady state cardio is your anwser

  5. thanks for the replies guys. and lol im not as big as a whale lol. its mostly belly fat but i still wear a 34 size jeans.. so im not ****ing huge lol im a stocky guy. its bad enough because i know what i should like like and how i did and than i see myself in the mirror and i see the difference. and when ur in a realationship for 2 years and have a kid, lose family members, and have the strain of supporting a family you do gain weight. thanks for the replies.

  6. It's totally depend on what's your gym experience.

  7. It's totally depend on what's your gym experience.

  8. get diet and lifting in check before using a steroid. Once you get stuck then I recommend using Epi for a clean bulk then back to cut.

    1. Detailed log of food each day. Macros and calories. Eat at caloric deficit.
    2. eat 1 g protein/lean body mass lb
    3. lift
    4. repeat



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