cutting stack!!! help!

  1. cutting stack!!! help!

    i have been looking into topical fatburners and was thinking of adding one to my DCP any one have a good combination?

    i was thinking lipoderm-ultra/DCP or Napalm/DCP

    i looked at the napalm ingredients and it has raspberry ketones in it. DCP also has raspberry ketones. This kind of has me leaning toward lipoderm-ultra. But i think my stubborn belly fat could be from cortisol. I dont know what to do

    thanks all

  2. Vat Attack is a good cort regulator(doesn't stop cortisol, so, no bad rebound)
    Napalm + Clen is supposed to be an awesome transderm.
    Eviscerate is kind of like Napalm, but has more goodies in it(+ the stuff that is in Napalm)

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