Good stack?

  1. Good stack?

    Alright i'm going to be stacking Green tea caps, CLA, Leviathan reloaded, DCP, and sesamin oil.

    I was curious though will the caffeine in the Green tea caps (if any) I know generally tea has some..and the leviathan be a problem at all if i am a tad stim sensetive? I plan to stop taking jack3d pre w/o during this just because I dont want to be taking in all that extra stim and caffeine

  2. The caffeine in green tea caps is probably very low. I know a cup of green tea usually has 20-40mg of caffeine in it and I think the caps are standarized for polyphenols, not caffeine.

  3. Usually those supps call for 4 caps a day. Start by taking one green tea and one leviathan in the am and see how you feel. If good by lunch time take one and one more. Still good, take 2 and two the next day. You need about 20 grams of caffeine to overdose, although about 2 grams will make you feel wicked sick. So you may have a bad day if you get too much caffeine but it won't kill you.

  4. There is..caffeine overdose? as in..death? lol..I get the more mental sides, like increased anxiety ETC i use to have bad panic attacks when I was younger..I can still get a nasty one here and there..2 levis a day is what I took before I never upped it because the two made me feel very stimmed up..but Im curious now because I had been working overnight shift and ltierally drinkign 10 cups of coffee a my tolerance is def higher now.

    I was going to mega dose the CLA caps at 9 a day, and probably only do 3 levi max, 3 green tea max.

  5. ^^ removing coffee and pre workout stims for the time i'm on the stack aswell.



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